Head coach of the Boston Celtics, Brad Stevens, discusses Carsen Edwards, Romeo Langford, and more

Head coach of the Boston Celtics, Brad Stevens, discusses Carsen Edwards, Romeo Langford, and more

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Head coach of the Boston Celtics, Brad Stevens, discusses Carsen Edwards, Romeo Langford, and more

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Head coach of the Boston Celtics, Brad Stevens, joins Dan Dakich to discuss the newest team members Carsen Edwards and Romeo Langford. He also discusses his coaching career, what he has learned, meeting with players, Kemba Walker, Al Horford, what makes Kawhi special, and more.

On what he has seen out of Carsen Edwards so far:

"I think the biggest thing with Carsen, he is not going to be asked to have to carry the load for us like he was at Purdue. I have talked to Matt a lot about it, but he had to have some moments where he had to isolate and go one-on-one and take some tough shots there and then he wasn't able to pick up the way we will ask him to pick up. They needed him to play 38, 39 minutes a game and be the featured offensive player. For us, he can play the role of taking advantage of his opportunities, creating plays late clock, and really getting into the ball. The thing that stood out about Carsen in our draft workout was, and I said this yesterday on air but I don't really know the right word for it, this is probably not it, but I think everything he does on the court is like violent, he cuts so hard, he gets into the ball physically, he loses people off the dribble with his body. He is a guy that has a lot of things that translate to the NBA. When we worked him out for the draft workout, we do a little series where we have guys fly out to the corner and get a hand-off and very few times do guys stand out in that, and it is like he got shot out of a cannon when he starts his cut. I think that is pretty unique and I think there are some things that translate. We are excited about him and we have a team that has good depth at the guard and wing but I would assume that he is going to have a chance to be impactful."

On Romeo Langford being an effective NBA player in his first year:

"It is hard for me to say because I have not seen him on the court in summer league and everything else. Based on what we saw at Indiana, he has a lot of tools. The thing that stood out to our front office about him, and they talked about all the time with regards to his shot, is that a lot of guys don't have his touch on floaters, on drives to the basket, and so they felt like that was a huge advantage and that his shot would continue to improve. I talked to a couple of high school coaches in that area too that also were real believers in the future of that. I think that as that continues to improve, and as his body really starts to look like an NBA guy, because this is all he is going to do for the next however many months, he is going to have the chance to be impactful. The biggest challenge with our team right now is our wing depth and so if he can be in the mix to be impactful with that group of guys, that is a real, real positive sign for the rest of his career."

On what makes Kawhi Leonard so special: 

"Great defender, great, great defender, one of the best defenders in the league. Then on the other end of the floor, his game has expanded so much. His ability to shoot the ball, his ability to get into tight spaces and create contact and keep his balance and make plays. He has a handful, he has a ton of physical gifts. Strength, size of hands, length. A lot like the guys we have discussed, his competitiveness is off the charts. Obviously he had a great run, Toronto had a great team. I think that probably got lost in the shuffle because they won however many games they won and he only played 60 games. At the end of the day, that was a really good basketball team this year and they were certainly very hard to play against and they had a ton of versatility, and really athletic, strong, and active guys. I thought they did a great job all the way through the playoffs at maximizing that."

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