How Does Having a One and Done Hurt Your Team

How Does Having a One and Done Hurt Your Team

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How Does Having a One and Done Hurt Your Team

ESPN's Seth Greenberg joins Dan Dakich to talk all things college basketball like who will be number one and what is the deal with one and dones, plus special guest Jay Williams from ESPN joins on call.

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On selfish mentality in college basketball

Jay: “College is that middle gap. I seems like there is more in common between high school and the NBA as it relates to your own brand. Kids are thinking about their highlight reel and ‘what does my brand stand for’ so there is more connectivity in the league with that then the collegiate level.  College is school brand first where you have to buy in, but there is only a handful of teams in the NBA to play team first. It takes a while for guys to think team first instead of me first in a league where guys are getting paid millions for a couple years.”  


On one and done players...

Seth: “If you have one guy that is one and done, your team is done.  That guy has an agenda and the rest of the team is jealous of that agenda. That guy is on an island.  If you have five like a Kentucky or Duke, they all together because they are all in the same race.” 


On Indiana University basketball…

Seth: “I think they will be better than people think this year. They will have more maturity about them, they will have more sense of purpose, their roles will be played with less ego and more for each other. I think they will be better.  Of course it depends what shape Davis is in but I think their backcourt is legitimate and I would expect them to have a top six finish in the Big 10.”


Is Kentucky going to dominate this year...

Seth: “By February.  I think it takes time for everyone to figure it out.  He lets him fail first and fail fast and then figure it out.  I think he gives them freedom to do what they do or what they can’t do and then he will pick his five or six sets to run after.  I think they are going to be ridiculous on the three point line defense. It will be tough to get to the glass. They don't have great players in the front court.”

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