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Has the Colts Off-Season Been a Failure?

With the addition of Carson Wentz, along with the return of guys like T.Y. Hilton and Marlon Mack, many around the city of Indianapolis have had high praise for Chris Ballard.

But not Gregg Doyel.

In the period of time from falling in the playoffs to Buffalo up until now, Doyel doesn’t think the Colts got better. Losing pieces like Philip Rivers and Anthony Castonzo will do that; But even with the new guys into the fold, it’s not enough for the IndyStar Sports Columnist.

Doyel jumped on The Dan Dakich Show to give his reasoning. And he didn’t hold back. 👀

We’re now past draft weekend. The Colts still don’t have a left tackle. And no, Sam Tevi doesn’t count.

“When you look at what they had in January to now there’s no way you can say this team got better,” Doyel said. “Pro Football Focus knows more about this stuff than I do. All they do is study tape. Tevi has given up more quarterback hits over the last three years according to them than any left tackle in football. That’s your left tackle? That guy?”


And if there’s one thing Ballard and company cannot afford, it’s having Wentz get manhandled. That (among other things) is what killed any hope that he would turn it around in Philly.

Indianapolis needs Wentz to thrive. It’s a must.

“Wentz is going to have a new normal and we don’t know what it is yet,” Doyel added. “The quarterback that the Eagles drafted four or five years ago is gone. He’s been injured too much. I hope for the Colts sake that his new normal is as good as Rivers was last year. But that’s kind of a high bar.”

Rivers was really good last year.

With questions already present of Wentz’s capability, then you add that Indianapolis didn’t even sniff a left tackle during the draft, there are some major concerns still out there as we get into May.

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