What's Going On With Jacoby Brissett's Tweets?

What's Going On With Jacoby Brissett's Tweets?

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What's Going On With Jacoby Brissett's Tweets?

The Colts backup QB has been on a tear recently firing away some of the most intriguing questions the Twitterverse has seen.

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It's the offseason. We're all bored. Jacoby Brissett apparently more than most of us. 

The Colts backup QB is using his Twitter platform to stir up some incredibly fascinating debate about space, footballs, and....a podcast with Tom Brady?

He has taken to the popular app Twitter the last three days to send out one tweet that has the interwebs scratching their heads and firing away the most clever "on drugs" GIFs as possible. 

Let's start with Monday: 

You know you've done it. 

You get to the sink after drinking a little night cap of water, stop, pour it out and think "I can just put this back in the cabinet and everything would be fine. No stains. No nothin'". 

If you're at your own home, and it's your own cup then I say go for it. But you have to be a sick fool to deliberately drink out of someone else's cup in their home and then put it back in the cabinet. 

It's not about the stains in the cup - it's about your mouth has been all over that thing.

What about Tuesday? 

Great point. Seems a little contradicting, no? What you need to be asking is whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich. Jacoby Brissett might not play defense, but he tackles the tough questions. 

Then you have Wednesday. Jacoby made it 3-for-3 on stirring the Twitter pot. 

Didn't PETA outlaw that phrase like 10 years ago? Anyways, I'm thinking it was probably the stomach because in football you gotta build from the inside out. 

Jacob has an idea. 

Roger Goodell and the NFL offices are that Jack Nicholson GIF where he's smiling and nodding slowly while reading his timeline just ready to pounce on sending him a drug test. 

And now we have this in the works:

Can this be considered tampering, @NFL? LEAVE US ALONE TOM!

It kills me to already know the name of that podcast would be Brady & The Backup. 

Let's make it a perfect 5-for-5 this week after he tweeted this on Friday morning. 

He's back! What was once theorized to be a pre-training camp clout jump for Jacoby has now maybe turned into his regular feed. 

Now he's involving the flat-earthers. A possible attempt at forming a bond with Kyrie Irving?

Potential theories for why he's tweeting like this: 

1. Trying to pull a card from Quenton B Nelson and up his Clout score

2. Going the Antonio Brown route trying to force a trade by making a scene. (Will be confirmed if he dyes his mustache blonde)

3. His account was hacked by Jim Irsay. 

4. He's just having fun because why not? 

I'm guessing it's more than likely the ladder of the four. 

Let's just hope they don't start that podcast. 

He explained his reasoning behind his thought-provoking tweets this week on Pardon My Take

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