Who Will Stop the Yankees?

Who Will Stop the Yankees?

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Who Will Stop the Yankees?

One of the best in the business, ESPN MLB analyst Tim Kurkjian, joins the guys to talk the wild start to the MLB playoffs, the Cubs managerial search, how the Reds can climb the ranks and Dan LeBatard's shenanigans.

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On why the Astros turned to Justin Verlander...

“That is a question because they could have gone with Wade Miley but they chose to pinch him yesterday.  They did that in part because they are not messing around with the Rays. They are thinking ‘let's get this thing over as quickly as possible and not give them any room to operate’ because the Rays are a pesky bunch who will beat you if you give them an opening. Miley was really good early and really struggled late so they are not taking any chances and they think that Verlander will figure it out.”


On the dominance of the Yankees…

“They dismandelted the Twins, who was a 101 win team.  They did it last night with defense, they did it 3 games with their great bull pen, which was not surprising.  They also took an incredible lineup and they made the Twins pitchers throw strikes because they did not chase out of the strike zone. The Yankees controlled the strike zone and clobbered the Twins.  They were the sixth team ever to have over 100 regular season wins and not win a playoff game. That’s what the Yankees did to the Twins.”


On the Cubs managerial search…

“I wish I knew for sure but no one does.  I think David Ross has a real shot at this or Joe Girardi has a shot at this.  I'm not sure after that; those would be my two guesses. I think the Cubs have really missed David Ross since he retired.  He was that one guy, even as a backup catcher, that would walk into that club house when things were going poorly and say ‘what are we doing here’.  They need that voice. They have lost that voice so that's why I think David Ross has a chance to go in there to go in there and get that job. But Joe Girardi does also.  Its possible they are looking for a more vereran guy as a manager. The Cubs will find a manager before long and get back to prominence in the next few years.”

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