What Happens If It Rains at The Indy 500?

What Happens If It Rains at The Indy 500?

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What Happens If It Rains at The Indy 500?

Here's the plan to know for if weather doesn't cooperate for race day.

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The forecast is not looking great on Sunday unfortunately. 

Race day is calling for thunderstorms throughout the day. Weather.com is calling for 80% chance of rain and storms throughout the day. 


So, what's the plan if the 500 gods aren't looking out for us? There's a few options:

Complete Postponement of the Race

If it's a total wash on Sunday morning without the forecast clearing up, they'll move the race to Monday. Once that happens they'll finish it then, or if Monday's forecast doesn't allow them to reach the amount necessary to be considered a complete race then they'll move it to Tuesday. 

The last time this happened was 1997.

Rain-Shortened Race

The race can be over once the drivers have completed 101 laps. 

According to Indianapolismotorspeedway.com, there have been seven rain-shortened races in 500 history. Dario Franchitti won the last shortened race back in 2007. 

So What If They Start But Don't Complete 101 Laps? 

This has happened before, too back in 1973 and 1967. If this happens then they'll pick up the race from where it got postponed once the track is dry enough to race on. 

For example, if they do 42 laps on Sunday, storms come, then they'd pick up on Monday (or the next dry day) with 42 laps being completed already. 

Let's all just hope that weather people do what they do best for this weekend - be wrong. 

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