Head coach Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots looks on before the game against the Cincinnati Bengals

WATCH: Patriots Caught Videotaping Bengals Sideline

Michael Hickey | Getty Images

News broke last week that the Patriots were caught filming the Bengals sideline during Cincinnati’s game against the Cleveland Browns. 

We were able to see the footage of what actually happened in the pressbox that day on Sunday thanks to Fox’s Jay Glazer. 

The video reveals that two Bengals security team members apparently caught the Patriots “advanced scouts” filming the Bengals sideline. 

“Come on, guys,” the Bengals security member said to the Patriots employee. “I don’t see your advanced scout in this footage.”

New England’s employee then quickly back pedals by saying they were trying to get “some field perspective”, but there was only one problem – the footage wasn’t of the field. 

“I don’t know why you think you could take that (footage),” another Bengals security member said to them. 

The Patriots videographer then repeats, “I didn’t know. My bad.” He says that they’ll delete the footage and it’ll be gone, but that response was met with a sarcastic laugh and, “The damage is done my friend,” from the Bengals security employee. 

Jay Glazer reported after the video was aired that the league wants to move swiftly with this investigation. Looks like we’ll find out relatively soon how hard they’ll come down on New England’s Spygate 2.0, if they do at all. 

At the very least, New England has to know how bad of a look this is no matter how hard they try to spin it. 


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