Andrew Luck Breaks Down Tape For NFL Films


Andrew Luck Breaks Down Tape For NFL Films

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Andrew Luck Breaks Down Tape For NFL Films

Take a look at Andrew Luck breaking down some of his own film, along with the QB touching on success in the red zone, finding tight ends and playing for Frank Reich.

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INDIANAPOLIS – It’s rare insight from Andrew Luck inside the film room.

NFL Game Pass is back with their second season of ‘Film Session’ segments with various Pro Bowlers from around the league.

Luck was the first guest of former NFL players Ron Jaworski and Brian Baldinger (Darius Leonard is scheduled to appear later this summer).

At the bottom of this article is a 7-minute snippet from Luck’s film session, which lasted around 19 minutes. To watch the full video, a subscription to NFL Game Pass is required.

Here are some of the highlights from Luck breaking down film:

The Comeback Story of Luck


With access to NFL Films, there’s some great behind-the-scenes footage and audio used from the 2019 season.


Here was Kansas City’s Chris Jones talking to Eric Ebron in between a play about Andrew Luck:


“Andrew Luck is cold blooded," Jones said.


Jaws and Baldinger started with talking to Luck about his comeback story and the ‘baby steps and small victories’ that the Colts quarterback took to get back to playing at an elite level.


“I certainly learned a lot about myself and grew up in many ways, with my perspective, not only on the game, but on life,” Luck said. “In many ways, it was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. It was challenging. I had some very dark moments. But I had fun playing football and I didn’t know if that was going to be a possibility for me. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to play football again.


“Being pain free, being back with my teammates, sort of rekindling my love for the game, it’s the greatest team game in the world and (I'm) excited to see what the future holds.”


Red Zone Offense Breakdown


The film session was spilt up into about a handful of various segments.


Red-zone offense kicked off the breakdown, as the Colts finished 5th offensively in red zone efficiency last year.


“I think one you realize it is a different situational part of the game and your plays are going to be different, so there’s a scheme element,” Luck said of keys in the red zone.


“In the red zone positive yards really matter. If you are 1st-and-Goal on the 10-yard line, to take a three-yard completion or a run and another three-yard completion and get to 3rd-and-Goal from the 4, it’s a lot easier to score from the 4-yard line than it is to incomplete, incomplete and then 3rd-and-Goal from the 10. Your odds (to score a touchdown) and go way down.”


The guys watched an Eric Ebron touchdown from the regular season meeting in Houston last December.


While the throw from Luck admittedly could have been better, the quarterback clearly made the right read of the Houston defense pre-snap.


“He’s too smart for that,” a Texans assistant coach said on the sideline to his defensive backs.


Tight End Breakdown


As you would expect, the historic season from the Colts tight ends received their own segment.


“I have a soft spot in my heart for tight ends,” Luck said. “They are big bodies. And when you scheme up big bodies and guys that can run and create mismatches…we had five tight ends catch touchdowns this year.”


The guys drummed up this touchdown from the Buffalo game last year, where Erik Swoope found the end zone.


Luck had this to say about Eric Ebron’s 13-touchdwon campaign in 2018:


“He bought in. He runs fast. He runs hard. I’m proud of Eric this year. He really did a great job.”


Frank Reich Breakdown


When the Colts hired Frank Reich, it gave Andrew Luck his first offensive-minded head coach in the NFL and it also means Indianapolis will have stability in their system on offense for years to come.


Reich, the former quarterback, clearly did a lot of good for Luck.


“The experience that he brings, I think he does a great job of seeing the same thing from many different perspectives,” Luck says of Reich. “I think he empowers the quarterback to trust your instincts. As the head coach, he was in 99.9 percent of our meetings this year, position meetings, unit meetings, everything. More than anything this year, we just talked football, talked through plays.”


The message that Reich has printed on shirts and instilled into his team has certainly resonated to No. 12.


“The theme of the year and the theme always with Frank, ‘Get one percent better on what you are doing and where you are and just keep improving,” Luck said to Baldinger and Jaws.


Pass Protection Breakdown


­Given Baldinger’s love for Quenton Nelson last fall, you knew the offensive line was going to be a topic in the film session.


And Luck loved detailing how intense the Colts approach was this year to their pass protection.


“Protection was the focus of every week,” Luck said. “The start of every week was our protection meeting. The guys did a great job up front this year. We all improved as a team and as a unit.”


Luck even joked that he could have played in shorts and flip flops last year as the least sacked QB in the NFL.


In the room, the guys broke down this deep shot to T.Y. Hilton against the Titans, in which Luck praised the firmness of the pocket.


“The focus this year was a firm middle of the pocket, a firm middle,” Luck reiterated. “When you have a Quenton Nelson, a Ryan Kelly, and a (Mark) Glowinski…they are all tough, nasty, SOBs and they did a great job in the middle of the pocket in creating that space.”


Luck sounded like Chris Ballard in noting the importance of being strong in the trenches on an annual basis.


“The defensive and an offensive line they are the engine for a team. That’s where things begin,” Luck said. “Football is still a simple game and it starts with blocking and tackling, in my mind. Then as a quarterback, taking care of the ball. You keep it that way. I’m proud of how well the guys did up front. They are a great group to play with. We set a standard and now we have to improve.”


T.Y. Hilton Breakdown


You had to expect a ‘T.Y. Hilton Houston’ play was going to be in this film session.


Here was the play the guys had Luck detail:

“He’s always been great at these maneuver routes,” Luck said of Hilton.


“He’s always been great in space and finding the right area.”





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