Clayton Geathers Returns To Colts With “Unfinished Business”


Clayton Geathers Returns To Colts With “Unfinished Business”

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Clayton Geathers Returns To Colts With “Unfinished Business”

On Wednesday afternoon, Clayton Geathers re-upped with the Colts on a one-year deal. Why did Geathers return to Indianapolis?

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INDIANAPOLISThe business is “unfinished” for Clayton Geathers.


While the same could be said for around 31 teams in the NFL, when Geathers uses that phrase he’s also talking about himself.


He knows why the contract he’s re-signed with the Colts is only for 1-year, despite their overwhelming love for the hard-hitting safety.


He knows why a mega contract and gobs of suitors promising a long-term starting position weren’t waiting for him in free agency.


So he’s ready to change the narrative, which is there after injuries have forced Geathers off the field for 22 games over the past three years.


“Personally, I just want to stay on the field, be healthy and prove all the doubters wrong,” Geathers said of his 2019 individual goals, after signing the prove-it, one-year contract on Wednesday afternoon.


Both parties---the Colts and Geathers---expressed their affinity for each other leading into free agency.


The Colts admire what Geathers went through in 2018 (injured body parts included a neck, concussion and a nagging knee issue) to play in 12 of 16 games. But they especially like his style of play fitting their defensive scheme/complementing Malik Hooker and how the young safety serves as a leader for a side of the ball searching for such guys to emerge.


Geathers, 26, loves what he’s been part of in his four seasons with the Colts. The safety entered his first free agency wanting to see the process through. He took visits earlier this week to Dallas and Tampa Bay, before talking with wife and realizing they had what they wanted back in Indy.


“Indy is home,” Geathers said on Wednesday.


“I wanted to be somewhere where I’m valued and there’s love in the building. This is a good place.”


With his knee injury from late last year---which dialed back his practice time majorly down the stretch---finally healed up, Geathers gives the Colts defense its entire starting 11 back this fall.


The opportunity for Geathers in his upcoming 5th NFL season is a chance to silence those critics (find a long-term contract next offseason) and see his team and the locker room he loves take another step.


“Guys in this building, the staff, training room…this locker room is special,” Geathers says, rattling off why he wanted to continue his NFL career with the Colts. “That’s another reason I didn’t want to leave this locker room.


“We have unfinished business and I want to be part of that.”

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