Colts Notebook: Reece Fountain To Make Full Recovery From Dislocated, Fractured Ankle


Colts Notebook: Reece Fountain To Make Full Recovery From Dislocated, Fractured Ankle

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Colts Notebook: Reece Fountain To Make Full Recovery From Dislocated, Fractured Ankle

On Sunday, after watching film of his team’s preseason contest against the Browns, Frank Reich held a conference call. What did Reich have to say?

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INDIANAPOLIS – It’s time for the regular season dress rehearsal week of the preseason.


The Colts are done with Training Camp at Grand Park, and will now approach this Week Three of the preseason with a regular season type of schedule, practicing Tuesday-Thursday before Saturday’s preseason contest hosting the Bears.

On Sunday, Frank Reich had a conference call recapping the 21-18 preseason loss to the Browns.

What did Reich have to say on Sunday afternoon?

  • Reich began Sunday’s call confirming that WR-Reece Fountain will go on injured reserve after dislocating and fracturing his left ankle. Fountain had “successful” surgery on Friday. “It went very well,” Reich said of Fountain’s season-ending surgery. “We will give him all the support that he needs. We expect him to make a full, complete recovery.”
  • One of the definite positives from Saturday’s loss to the Browns was seeing two guys who tore their ACLs last August, both have good outings. It was 7 catches for 80 yards for Deon Cain. And it was Ross Travis getting into the end zone late in the game. “Really satisfying and really satisfying for them,” Reich said of Cain and Travis on Sunday. “When you work as hard as they’ve worked, and I know everybody works hard, but these guys have worked really hard, so you just feel good for them, and good for us as a team that they are seeing their reward to that hard work.” Travis is an intriguing tight end talent who is fighting for a roster spot.
  • There’s no update on Andrew Luck possibly returning to practice this week. “I haven’t met with the doctors yet on Andrew or any of our other injured players. So we will certainly get you guys an update as soon as we can,” Reich said. “As has been the case throughout this injury ordeal, the Colts will leave it up to Luck as when he is ready to return to practice. “It is up to (Luck),” the head coach said. “The pain threshold thing is not something to be ignored. There’s the strengthening issue and we know that he’s doing everything possible there. The workouts on the field have been good, both in getting work, fundamentals and technique, but also strengthening it while you are on the field. But there’s also the pain threshold thing to have to figure that out the best way we can.” Heading into Tuesday’s practice, Luck has missed three straight weeks of practice (12 sessions).
  • Here were Reich’s comments on a run game that has struggled majorly when the starters have been in during the first two preseason games: “I think we are continuing to make progress,” Reich began. “What typically happens in the run game when you’ve performed how we’ve performed in the preseason games, which has not been good, it’s been subpar, it’s one little thing here, it’s one little mistake here, it’s one little detail there or a miscommunication by one person. Of course, those things are unacceptable. And we sit in there as a staff and we are very critical of getting those things right. How can we coach it better? How can we execute it better, make sure we don’t have those miscommunications, whatever we are missing? You hope once you get into the season, you get the same guys in there over and over again. Some of those things cleanup as you go on and you get better, and that’s why you get better as the season goes on. That’s where we are at right now.” Reich had just left a 4-hour offensive staff meeting when he hopped on the call, with the run game being a topic.
  • There’s been a debate for a few weeks now if the Colts should keep 5 or 6 wide receivers on their 53-man roster. The Colts say keeping 6 is a definite option for them: “I’ve not often had 6 receivers on the 53, but there have been occasions,” Reich said. “I think it’s one scenario we’ve considered. Chris (Ballard) and I have talked about that. We are a long way from making that decision. There’s a lot of factors that go into that, not at the receiver position, but the whole makeup of the roster, obviously. That option is certainly on the table.”
  • One area that will heavily influence the back end of the wide receiver debate is special teams. As I’ve said for several weeks, Chester Rogers is making this football team. “Chester is our No. 1 returner and we feel good about him being back there, so you can do the math on that,” Reich said on Sunday. “Chester has earned that spot and it’s a very important role.” But the Colts also want to try Nyheim Hines back at returner, after some major struggles last preseason for the youngster. “Nyheim has looked great,” Reich said of Hines’ practice reps in the return game. “He’s really fielding the ball clean. His setups are good. Obviously, he took that big hit last night. Truth be told, with Nyheim in there in the second half we were kind of saying, ‘If anything is even close, just fair catch it.’ But that’s Nyheim. He loves to compete. He wants to make a big play. But he’s been doing very well back there.” If Hines can somehow take over the kick and/or punt return duties that would give the Colts some more roster flexibility.
  • We’ve seen Frank Reich challenge a couple of pass interference penalties this preseason. It’s by design, with the Colts wanting to gather more information on a rule change that will be debated many, many times this season. “I was glad to get that in, one in each game and just get a feel for how it might get called,” Reich said on Sunday. “Sometimes they slightly change it in the (regular) season, but I kind of expected and we kind of expected that it was going to have to take more than we thought to overturn something. We have two games. We will continue to push that a little bit when we have opportunities and it makes sense to challenge things, and continue to talk to the league and the officiating crews about how they are thinking of it, what they are being told, how they are told to officiate it. Then when we do get a call, talking to the NFL offices about what they are seeing as well, so we can figure out how to use that as well.”
  • In case you haven’t noticed, blitzing has had zero part of the Colts’ preseason game plan. While the pass rush early in games has lacked a bit, the Colts have 5 sacks through two preseason games, without any sort of schematic disguise in trying to create more pressure. “In general, I’d say we’ve had some good moments,” Reich said. “But that’s a tough question because you always want more pressure. You always want more. But in fairness, you guys know how we roll. In the first two preseason games, I don’t think we’ve called one blitz. That’s by design. We are trying to accomplish something and we feel like we are getting something accomplished. We do feel like those have been giving good effort and at times we’ve had really good pressure. (Kemoko) Turay has been good. (Ben) Banogu continues to show improvements, so we are encouraged with the progress.”
  • Reich had no update on WR-Parris Campbell (right hamstring) returning to practice this week. Campbell has missed three straight weeks of practice.
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