Colts Scout On Drafting Parris Campbell: “We Have To Get This Guy”

Colts Scout On Drafting Parris Campbell: “We Have To Get This Guy”

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Colts Scout On Drafting Parris Campbell: “We Have To Get This Guy”

When the Colts scouting process began on Ohio State wide receiver Parris Campbell, area scout Chad Henry could not contain his excitement. What did Henry first think of Campbell?

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INDIANAPOLIS – Before he tells the full story, Chad Henry offers an apology.

The Colts area scout for the Midwest knows the e-mail contained some ‘colorful language’ (as he puts it), but he couldn’t help himself.

That’s what happens when you watch film of Parris Campbell for the first time.

Henry was e-mailing Anthony Coughlan, an Ohio State product who is the Colts college scouting coordinator.

“With apologies to my mother, kids and pastor, basically, it was this guy was really ‘bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep fast,’ Henry says of describing Campbell.

“The very end of my e-mail was, ‘We have to get this guy on our team.’”

Well, about 10 months after Henry’s email to Coughlan, the Colts got the fastest wide receiver at the 2019 NFL Combine.

What immediately struck Henry in his early scouting of Campbell was that game-breaking element with the ball in his hands.

“His run after catch is exceptional,” Henry says of the 59th overall pick back in April. “He’s a high school running back and you see that. He’s really natural with the ball in his hands. There’s some plays that you turn on over the last two years and it’s like, ‘Holy cow.’

“The key thing for us was his speed and you can really feel it.”

Like Frank Reich, Henry witnessed some key development from Campbell back at this year’s Combine, outside of the electrifying 40-yard dash.

The Colts staff saw elements from Campbell that make them believe the rookie wide receiver can become a more complete wide receiver, which is not something Ohio State asked from their speedy weapon.

And Reich saw more of that this spring, once Campbell took part in the Colts offseason program.

“(Campbell) has got this football aptitude,” Reich says. “He understands it. Sometimes you explain something to somebody and you know how when you explain it, they just get it and you can tell that they get it? He is that guy. You just see how easy he adapts on the field to little coaching points. He can run all the routes.

“He has got to develop. He has got a ways to go but I just think he can play every (wide receiver) position on the field and make big plays from all over the field, but that is going to be a process. That is going to be a process. It is going to take time. I am sure with his athleticism and how smart he is, he is going to show flashes. But we just have to – Nick (Sirianni) and I and everybody else – make sure that we just bring him along at the right pace, let him shine, let him learn and grow and then just gradually work him in.”

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