Deon Cain, Eric Ebron Will See Bigger Role With Devin Funchess Out

Deon Cain, Eric Ebron Will See Bigger Role With Devin Funchess Out

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Deon Cain, Eric Ebron Will See Bigger Role With Devin Funchess Out

With Devin Funchess out, the Colts will be counting on Deon Cain and even Eric Ebron to handle the big body role.

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INDIANAPOLIS – As much as Deon Cain feels bad that it took this sort of injury for his playing time to grow, that’s not going to diminish how much he is relishing the opportunity facing him.

More so than anyone else on the roster, the two-month injury absence for Devin Funchess means Cain is going to be counted on heavily to provide the immediate complementary to T.Y. Hilton.

“Now it’s just time for me to step up and make plays,” the confident Cain said earlier this week.

“I am capable of doing it all. It doesn’t really matter. I am here just to make plays so anything you need me to do I am able to do it."

In the season opener, Cain played just 11 snaps, but did have 2 targets. It’s a small sample size, but if you extrapolate out that ratio, with Cain’s playing time now increasing, he’s going to be a heavily targeted wideout.

At 6-2, Cain often plays bigger than that, so he can try to replicate some of the routes and roles that we saw out of Funchess in Week One.

But Cain’s skillset is also different than Funchess. What Cain might lack in bulk, he brings a vertical speed element that is potentially dangerous for opposing defenses to handle.

“We like Deon for a lot of the same reasons that we like Funch. Yeah, they are different types of receivers but Deon we feel like is a big-play receiver. He has that in his game and this is a great opportunity for him.”

And we can’t forget about Eric Ebron either, as a guy who should see a more expanded role.

On Sunday, Ebron played 25 of 63 snaps, but was targeted 3 times. Frank Reich mentioned earlier in the week that the 6-5 Ebron is a guy that will be counted on more without Funchess.

“Even as I look back to this last game I say, ‘It would’ve been good to get Ebron more involved in that game,’” Reich says. “The way it flowed, it just didn’t come up. We had some passes that were going to come up and then we started running it well.

“With Funchess out and that big target, certainly he’ll be the one filling the spot in some of those plays.”

The Colts elected to keep their offensive personnel the same this week, even with Funchess going on injured reserve.

No wide receiver was added to the 5-man group on the 53-man roster: T.Y. Hilton, Deon Cain, Parris Campbell, Zach Pascal, Chester Rogers.

That puts an even bigger onus on Cain, someone the Colts have been gushing about for months.

Emotions were high for Cain in making his NFL regular season debut last weekend.

They will be stirring inside of him again this Sunday, knowing the increased expectations are coming.

“It was high, to be honest,” Cain said of his emotions in Week 1. “I started off warmups feeling great man. It was real good. Then I just really had to channel it down because I knew it was time to make plays once the lights come on.

“Now, this week, of course it’s going to grow now, but I still just want to come in with the approach that I had, calm, cool and collected and go out there and execute like I know I can.”

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