Eric Ebron Enters Contract Year Wanting To Break Rob Gronkowski’s Touchdown Record

Eric Ebron Enters Contract Year Wanting To Break Rob Gronkowski’s Touchdown Record

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Eric Ebron Enters Contract Year Wanting To Break Rob Gronkowski’s Touchdown Record

Eric Ebron enters a contract year in 2019 wanting more than just the Pro Bowl season he produced last year. What are Ebron’s goals for 2019?

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INDIANAPOLISIf Eric Ebron can even sniff the expectations he has for the 2019 season, a large pay day will be coming his way next spring.


It should be no surprise that Ebron has lofty goals for 2019.


Last year, Ebron caught 13 touchdowns, which is tied for the third most ever by an NFL tight end.


He is ready to climb higher on that list.


“I believe Gronk (Rob Gronkowski) still holds the record for the most touchdowns, which is 17,” Ebron accurately states. “So if I want to do anything that is going to be real spectacular or anything that is going to be really good, I’ve got to go get 17. And if I go get 17, then what do I do? I help my team win games. I did that (last year), proved that and I feel like if I’m at my best then I feel like this team will be at their best.


“I feel like I always have the mismatch. I feel like I always can win against any opponent or anything. I feel like if we are going to do anything further then I have to take my game further. So that is kind of my next step, is what can I do to elevate myself? What can I do to elevate me physically, mentally? That’s the next step.”


In trying to elevate his game to another level, Ebron has eliminated the enticing Honey Buns from his diet.


That was quite the sacrifice for a guy like Ebron.


“I’m a snacker,” Ebron says. “When it comes to the night, we put the kids to sleep and that pantry looks real good, so I could tear that thing up. I can’t do that no more.

“I’m on a diet, trying to be the best person I can be. I cut out of a lot of BS.”

With the vice of Honey Buns no longer in the pantry, Ebron is heading into a very important season for the rest of his NFL career.

At the age of 26, Ebron is entering the second contract year of his career.

Ebron’s chance to really cash in, and to fall in line to what you would expect contract wise for a former No. 10 pick, could come next spring.

Prime years are still there for Ebron, given his age and what he showed last season.

While the touchdown numbers are flashy and earned him his first Pro Bowl nod, the consistency of Ebron as a pass catcher is the more important figure for him in 2019.

Ebron caught 60 percent of his targets last year, which was the smallest percentage for him since his 2014 rookie season.

Even if Ebron’s touchdown numbers come down---and that’s the expectation given the bolstering of the pass catching group in 2019---if he can see that catch percentage number rise, it’s going to enhance his market next spring.

Such chatter about Ebron wasn’t really on the radar this time last year.


But an arrival to Indianapolis, plus having Andrew Luck and Frank Reich close by, realigned Ebron down the path that many believed was possible when he entered the NFL in 2014.


“I was in a place where I didn’t even know if I was going to get picked up or anything like that,” Ebron said after the Lions cut him before the start of free agency.


“I thought I had tarnished my image coming out of college. I thought a lot of things. But know it’s a different story for me. I’ve just got to continue to elevate that."


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