Frank Reich “Very Encouraged” By Spring Work From Devin Funchess

Frank Reich “Very Encouraged” By Spring Work From Devin Funchess

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Frank Reich “Very Encouraged” By Spring Work From Devin Funchess

Despite not being able to work with Andrew Luck this spring, Devin Funchess had a good spring in the eyes of his head coach Frank Reich.

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INDIANAPOLISIt was the main goal of Devin Funchess this spring.


But it could not be achieved.


Working with Andrew Luck and trying to establish a rapport with his new starting quarterback was the focus for Funchess during his first offseason program in Indianapolis.


“He’s got to see how I run,” the 24-year-old Funchess said of Luck at the start of the offseason program. “I’ve got to see what the angles are coming out when he throws the ball. Then personality wise, just see what type of guy he is and see what type of guy I am. You’ve got to know the person and trust the person.”


A nagging calf injury sidelined Luck for all 13 team sessions in the spring, thus putting his early work on hold with the new receiver.


Luck acknowledged the missed opportunity in not being able to get any live throwing reps in with Funchess.


“I’m sure I would love to have a million reps with Devin Funchess by now, but I don’t so we have to talk,” Luck said of trying to make up for the lost physical reps between the two this spring.


Any gatherings to throw between Luck and Funchess this summer could still happen.


For now, we’ve really only see Funchess work with Jacoby Brissett though. The spring results were mixed, at best, in the handful of open media sessions during OTAs and mini-camp.


Funchess and Brissett often struggled to sync up when it came to targets/receptions.


But Reich, who saw these two work together for double the amount of practice time that the media did, doesn’t seem worried.


“Very encouraged,” Reich said of what he saw from Funchess this spring. “We knew right away, you could tell day one that he was smart. (He was) not going to have a problem grasping the system. Then it’s just a question of getting used to the way we do things, the way we teach things and then our schemes. I just thought he showed a very high aptitude for that.


“Then really as a route runner, for a big guy for his size we’ve said he’s got good feet and he’s got good body control. So I was just really encouraged by his progress.”


In Funchess’ first spring in Indianapolis, he was busy immersing himself into a new offense.


The good news for Funchess is he sees some similarities with Reich’s system and what life was like in Carolina last year.


“It’s somewhat of the same offense that Norv Turner has so I’ve just got to switch up all the terminology and get into their terminology,” Funchess says of comparing the offense he played in last year to life with the Colts.


While drops for Funchess have been an issue in his NFL career, his 21 touchdowns over 4 years is notable.


When the field does shrink for the Colts in 2019, Funchess’ large frame (6-4, 225 pounds) should be attractive to Reich and Luck.


“I think I do pretty well inside the 30,” Funchess says with a smile. “Coach Reich, (the Colts staff) they are gurus. It’s exciting to see what’s going to happen.”


The first major work between No. 12 and No. 17 to start working towards the results has been postponed a bit, but will ramp up on July 25.

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