Frank Reich Has Top-10 Red Zone Goals For Colts


Frank Reich Has Top-10 Red Zone Goals For Colts

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Frank Reich Has Top-10 Red Zone Goals For Colts

What are Frank Reich’s thoughts about the Colts red zone play going into the 2019 season?

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INDIANAPOLIS – The Colts had returned from the Memorial Day vacation and were back on the field for their second week of OTAs.

With the OTA session over, Reich brought his team together and explained why they just had such a keen focus on red zone work.

“We were just talking out there as a team that we need to be top-10 in both offensive and defensive red zone to get where we want to go,” Reich shared of his post-practice team huddle message.

Obviously, the next step for the Colts is continuing to play deeper into the month of January, or even early February.

But the team’s red zone play last year was actually pretty close to what Reich wants in 2019.

In 2018, the Colts finished the season 5th in red zone offense, 11th in red zone defense.

Taking another step forward defensively in that area will be key, with some of the game’s finest quarterbacks sitting there on the 2019 schedule.

Here is Reich breaking down the keys to maintaining/improving in the red zone this year:


Reich breaks down red-zone success into three key areas: offensive line controlling the line of scrimmage, quarterback play and then finding your playmakers.

“Number one, it starts up front. You’ve got to protect the passer and you want to be able to run the football. Usually when you look at the teams statistically, usually, I’m saying – the teams that run the football down there, not the most, but run it effectively and have their share of rushing touchdowns, they usually are the teams that are among the leaders.

“Then you need really good quarterback play. We got that last year. If you look at Andrew’s (Luck) career – that was one of the things I looked at when I got here. I looked at what Andrew’s career was on third down and red zone. He’s been good at third down and red zone his whole career. We saw that last year.

“Then thirdly, you need playmakers. You need playmakers. You need guys like (Eric) Ebron when we had last year, T.Y. (Hilton). We get (Devin) Funchess this year.”

In case you missed it earlier this offseason, Luck added a few other keys to being a top red-zone team.


Reich is a firm believer that the Indy defense will be a better red zone unit in 2019, even with the quarterback gauntlet awaiting the Colts.

“I am really excited about what we do defensively and the way we approach (it),” the head coach says. “I think we are going to take a big stride there defensively in red zone.

“I just think year two in the system and believing and trusting in our red zone packages on defense. I felt Justin Houston’s presence out there (this spring). I mean we got in the red zone and he got to the quarterback a couple times so I think that’s going to help. I think the depth that we’ve added, if we play good red zone coverage, play very disciplined and force teams to run it on us a little bit, we’ve proven that we are pretty good against the run. I just think we are going to be good there.”


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