Jacoby Brissett Delivers In Big Way As Colts Take Over AFC South Lead

Jacoby Brissett Delivers In Big Way As Colts Take Over AFC South Lead

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Jacoby Brissett Delivers In Big Way As Colts Take Over AFC South Lead

In the 30-23 victory over the Texans, Jacoby Brissett finished 26-of-39 for 326 yards, 4 touchdowns and 0 interceptions. What went into Brissett’s career afternoon?

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INDIANAPOLIS – Outings like Sunday make you see what the Colts believe they have in Jacoby Brissett.

Entering Sunday’s very important meeting with the Houston Texans, Brissett knew even more was going to be on his shoulders.

Brissett watched the Texans play virtually all man coverage in their big-time win over the Chiefs last week.

Indianapolis was fully expecting that same game plan against them, with the Texans hoping to eliminate the Colts’ biggest strength---their run game.

That happened, and Brissett made the Texans pay. It was a career afternoon for Brissett, as he was 26-of-39 for 326 yards, 4 touchdowns, 0 interceptions for a quarterback rating of 126.7.

We are going to make Brissett beat us.

That was the Texans’ thought coming into Lucas Oil Stadium.

Well, he did.

“Jacoby played lights out,” Frank Reich said after the Colts moved to 4-2 on the season. “We had to throw it today. We thought we would run it a little better than we did, but we said (last night in the team meeting), if we are going to win this game, we are going to have to come up big in the pass game. We talked that we needed to make plays in the pass game to win this game. And we did that. And Jacoby led the way.”

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A question many have had (including myself) was what would Brissett look like in a big-game atmosphere where an opponent does take away that reliable run game.

On Sunday, Brissett silenced that crowd.

The Colts passing game took advantage of the constant man coverage, with plenty of crossers and shallow routes.

Still, the chunk plays that had largely been missing early in the season appeared on Sunday.

Through the first 5 games of the season, Brissett and the Colts had just 9 passing plays of more than 20 yards (31st in the NFL).

They had 6 on Sunday.

“They played man (coverage) the whole game last week, so it’s up to the quarterback when they stack the box to make the right decisions, make plays in the passing game,” Brissett said after his career outing. “Today, we did a great job of that.”

J.J. Watt was his usual menace (6 quarterback hits), but he walked away from Sunday impressed by the new QB in Indy.

“Every time he gets hit he pops back up and keeps playing,” the future Hall of Famer said of Brissett. “I respect that toughness and respect the way he plays.”

Like he has many times over the past two months, Frank Reich reiterated on Sunday the respect he feels Brissett deserves.

But, it’s one thing to speak it, it’s another for the quarterback to back up his head coach.

“It says that he’s legit, that he’s the man,” Reich said of the message sent by Brissett on Sunday. “We’ve believed that from Day One and we’ve never wavered on our conviction, on our belief in Jacoby. But we all know, and he knew it too, you still have to prove it. You have to come in here and put the offense on your back, literally, for this game and make the plays that he made to win this game. And he did that today and did it as well as he could do it.”

A few minutes after Reich’s comments, Brissett was asked about what his head coach had just said.

Like the wise quarterback he is, Brissett’s answer was spot on to the true message that Sunday sends to future opponents of the Colts.

“A day like today, doesn’t make me ‘the man,’” he said. “It just makes us more balanced. And I think we proved today that we can throw the ball.”

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