Jacoby Brissett Impresses With Poise, Accuracy In Colts Season Opener

Jacoby Brissett Impresses With Poise, Accuracy In Colts Season Opener

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Jacoby Brissett Impresses With Poise, Accuracy In Colts Season Opener

What stood out most about Jacoby Brissett’s era debut to head coach Frank Reich?

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INDIANAPOLIS – We all can see it on the stat sheet.

Yet, Frank Reich saw it past the raw numbers, as well.

If you are grading Jacoby Brissett from an accuracy standpoint or based off his poise in Week One, he gets more than a passing grade.

Brissett played winning football to start off this new era with him as the Colts franchise quarterback.

On paper, Brissett went 21-of-27 (77.8 percent) for 190 yards, 2 touchdowns and 0 interceptions. His 120.7 passer rating was another indication of the efficient afternoon he had throwing the football.

Taking his accuracy numbers a step further, even his incompletions were often put in catchable places.

On five of Brissett’s six incompletions his pass catchers got their hands on the ball.

Reich wanted to get Brissett into an early ‘dink and dunk’ flow, and the quarterback showed strides with his ball placement.

“His accuracy, decision making,” Reich said of what stood out from Brissett’s season opener. “The back-shoulder throws that he had on the two-minute drive were big time throws now. That was a great drive to hit back-to-back back shoulder throws.

“So he made all the throws and was accurate and (made) good decisions.”

As far as composure, things didn’t look too big for Brissett.

The Indy offense had just one three-and-out the entire afternoon (which came after Brissett mis-handled a first-down snap from Ryan Kelly).

Brissett led a pair of late-half drives which got the Colts into scoring position. The 16-play touchdown drive to send the game into overtime lasted nearly 8 minutes, with the Colts moving the football and eating up precious clock at the same time.

“He was in complete control,” Reich said of Brissett after the game. “He was poised, he knew what he wanted when there were discussions on the sideline about this or that. He knew what he wanted and he made it work. That was a good start for Jacoby.”

Moving forward, the further evolvement for Brissett will be to stretch the field a tad more with the passing game, and convert some third-and-longer situations.

The Colts went 7-of-13, which is a very good number. All 7 of those conversions came on 3rd-and-3 or shorter. All 6 of the failed third-down attempts came in 3rd-and-7 or longer situations.

Still, for Brissett to walk into the Week 1 environment, amidst all the chaos he endured the two previous weeks, it was a more than encouraging performance for QB1.

“I’m really proud of the way he played,” T.Y. Hilton said of Brissett.

“His confidence is only going to get better from here. First game out there he looked great, just like he looked in practice all week and training camp. He played phenomenal.”

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