A Look At Colts Playoff Odds Heading Into December

A Look At Colts Playoff Odds Heading Into December

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A Look At Colts Playoff Odds Heading Into December

With 5 games to go in the 2019 regular season, the Colts need some help to make the playoffs. What do the playoff chances look like going into December?

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INDIANAPOLIS – Technically, it’s not a must-win.

But this Sunday is pretty darn important if the Colts want to have realistic playoff hopes going into the final quarter of the season.

That is what is at stake for the Colts (6-5) on Sunday afternoon, with the Titans (6-5) coming to town.

Because it’s divisional game, this one means even more to a Colts’ team in dire need for wins, and these types of wins (divisional/conference).

Currently, the Colts have a 34 percent chance of making the playoffs, a number that dropped by 20 percent last week.

With a win on Sunday, those odds jump to 51 percent, with the Colts (6-5) firmly in the Wild Card mix, and still clinging to hopes that the Texans (7-4) will come back to them in the AFC South standings.

With a loss on Sunday, the playoffs odds for the Colts would drop to 11 percent, and just a 3 percent chance to win the division. Yep, a loss to the Titans would have many fans turning their attention to the 2020 Draft.

Within the division, the Colts are not in a good tiebreaker position, and will really need for the Texans to drop a divisional game or two down the stretch.

Looking at the Wild Card, the Bills (8-3) are in a very nice position to secure 1 of those 2 spots. The other spot is really up for grabs, but the Colts (6-5) have already lost head-to-head tiebreakers to the Steelers (6-5) and Raiders (6-5). After head-to-head, conference record is next up when breaking possible Wild Card ties. At 6-5 in the AFC, the Colts have more losses in the conference than every other team in the playoff picture. They, again, need some help in this tiebreaker.

Here’s a look at the AFC standings with 5 weeks remaining this season:


AFC Standings

1. Patriots (10-1): @Texans, Chiefs, @Bengals, Bills, Dolphins

2. Ravens (9-2): 49ers, @Bills, Jets, @Browns, Steelers

3. Texans (7-4): Patriots, Broncos, @Titans, @Buccaneers, @Titans

4. Chiefs (7-4): Raiders, @Patriots, Broncos, @Bears, Chargers

5. Bills (8-3): @Cowboys, Ravens, @Steelers, @Patriots, Jets

6. Steelers (6-5): Browns, @Cardinals, Bills, @Jets, @Ravens


Outside Looking In:


-Raiders (6-5): @Chiefs, Titans, Jags, @Chargers, @Broncos

-Colts (6-5): Titans, @Buccaneers, @Saints, Panthers, @Jaguars

-Titans (6-5): Colts, @Raiders, Texans, Saints, @Texans

-Browns (5-6): @Steelers, Bengals, @Cardinals, Ravens, @Bengals

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