Pierre Desir Calls Indy “Home” Now After New Deal With Colts

Pierre Desir Calls Indy “Home” Now After New Deal With Colts

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Pierre Desir Calls Indy “Home” Now After New Deal With Colts

Other teams wanted the services of Pierre Desir in free agency. But he wanted to stay in his new home of Indianapolis.

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INDIANAPOLISHaving been cut 4 times since entering the NFL in 2014, by 3 different teams, Pierre Desir has been searching for a permanent home.


That’s been a dream, not only for himself, but also for his family of five.


It’s taken some time, and probably more downs than ups, but the former Division II product has found that home.


“A lot of players what we work for is a place to call a home, a place where we can be there for multiple years and not have to keep travelling and moving our families,” Desir, 28, said on Thursday after re-signing with the Colts on Thursday.


“Being able to call Indy home was something I always wanted ever since I came (to Indy) in 2017 and I’m just glad that it finally got done. I’m ready to work and get back out there playing football.”


The deal was officially done on Thursday when Desir put pen to paper on a new three-year deal.


After being claimed by the Colts in September 2017, following failed stops in Cleveland, San Diego and Seattle, Desir earned a second season with the Colts last March.


That deal was for just one year though.


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Seeking out security and a significant pay day, Desir earned just that with his play in 2018.


He entered the starting lineup in mid-October, helped lock up Pro Bowl wideouts and then said no to multiple suitors (like the Jets, Dolphins and 49ers) in free agency to return to the Colts.


“I spoke to my agent and let him know that I wanted to come back to Indy. That was my main focus,” Desir said of his free agent uncertainty this week, knowing that he was also in demand elsewhere.


“For me (coming back to Indy) it was everything, the fans, the city, the players, the coaches, the organization. Everybody just welcomed me in from Day One after being cut from Seattle. They brought me in as family and embraced me as such. That’s something I took to heart and fought for everyone every single day, just working hard and practicing hard. This is where I called home and definitely somewhere I wanted to return and I’m just thankful I was able to come back.”


Clearly, the opportunity that Ballard and the Colts gave Desir just prior to the start of the 2017 season still holds some weight.


In two different defensive systems, Desir has proven himself as a steady/needed corner, while the Colts still wait for their younger options to progress.


Admittedly, Desir said he got emotional when his agent informed him of the 3-year deal that the Colts were offering.


Because he finally knew that goal he had back as a 4th round pick in 2014 was finally being achieved.


“Indy reminds me of St. Charles (Missouri) where I grew up, just that Midwest vibe,” Desir says. “Great people, good city. (My family) loved it when they visit. We always wanted a place to call home. We couldn’t imagine how great of a city it would be in coming back to Indy. We just love it.”


And he also has a family inside of the building on West 56th Street.


“When you love coming to work with such a great group of guys and you know everyone is going to give their best effort every day when you go out there and practice and in a game, it makes your job that much easier,” Desir says of the culture in the Colts.


“I think that definitely plays a part. We hang. We stay in touch. It’s definitely something that you look for in a team and that’s something we have here.”

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