Quenton Nelson Came Up With The Keg Stand Celebration Idea

Quenton Nelson Came Up With The Keg Stand Celebration Idea

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Quenton Nelson Came Up With The Keg Stand Celebration Idea

Here is Quenton Nelson explaining why the idea behind the keg stand celebration and how it occurred for the Colts.

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INDIANAPOLIS – It will go down as one of the most talked about celebrations for a touchdown that never happened.

Offensive linemen scoring and celebrating is always ‘must see.’

And the Colts made sure everyone took notice of their celebration on Sunday.

You had three 300-pound men lifting up the brickhouse that is 330-pound Quenton Nelson (the man doing the stand), who was on the back of 310-pound Mark Glowinski (the keg).

In the record book, Nelson lining up at fullback and scoring from a yard-out will never go down as a touchdown (the play was correctly reviewed with Nelson being stopped short of the goal line).

But the celebration still took place, with the idea being started by Nelson.

Why that idea?

“Keg stands,” a straight-faced Nelson said bluntly as the reason.

Nelson, a 23-year-old who calls Bud Light his favorite beer, seems to be a fan of the popular college act of drinking from a keg.

“It’s been a while because we are in season,” Nelson added on Sunday, when asked the last time he had done a keg stand.

“I just thought of it one day and told the boys that we were going to do it,” the All-Pro guard explained as the reason behind the celebration. There were plays for other O-linemen to score and it was going to be whoever scored does the keg stand. We executed it perfect and all the wide receivers got in and shot-gunned or chugged (a fake beer), so it was awesome.”

Yep, Nelson sounds like a guy about 18 months removed from college.

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With fellow offensive linemen Braden Smith, Joe Haeg and Ryan Kelly holding Nelson up, the second-year guard climbed on the back of Glowinski to mimic the keg stand act.

“I think Glo has the most stocky body,” Nelson explained as to why the 6-4, 310-pound Glowinski was the ‘keg.’

“And he also squats a ton, so we picked him.”

While the celebration will not be forgotten anytime soon, the play (Nelson’s first carry since fumbling twice in Pop Warner) went down as a no gain.

Don’t fumble and get into the end zone were the only two things Nelson was thinking about when he got the ball from Jacoby Brissett on the 3rd-and-Goal from the 1-yard line early in the third quarter.

“And I accomplished one of those,” Nelson said after his rushing touchdown was overturned.

As you’d expect, the celebration was a pretty popular topic in the post-game locker room.

“I almost cried because that celebration was pretty cool,” Jacoby Brissett said after the rout. “I hope that still can be nominated as one of the best celebrations because I don’t know how they picked him up (laughing). I honestly knew he didn’t get in because I kind of was dropped behind and I was like, ‘Dang Q put the ball in the other hand.’”

Frank Reich’s thoughts on the play?

“I think Quenton is a really good left guard,” a smiling Reich said. “I think we’ll keep him there.”

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