Quincy Wilson On 2018 Season: “I Just Needed To Grow Up”


Quincy Wilson On 2018 Season: “I Just Needed To Grow Up”

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Quincy Wilson On 2018 Season: “I Just Needed To Grow Up”

Halfway through his rookie contract, cornerback Quincy Wilson believes he is now on the right path in his NFL career. Why does Wilson feel that?

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INDIANAPOLISIt was brutal honesty from Quincy Wilson.


“I think I just needed to grow up a little bit and figure things out,” is how Wilson described a tipping point early in the 2018 season, in a podcast with the NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport back in early January.


For those that might have missed the podcast, Wilson then let those on social media know how his second NFL season was saved.


Wilson put this on Instagram, in a picture alongside veteran Mike Mitchell, with the caption:


A 22 year old kid struggling to find his way in the NFL and God put you in my life to help me get on the right path... Thank you for showing me the right way


Through the first year and a half of Wilson’s NFL career, the young corner was not living up to the hype, and certainly not to the lofty goal of being the Colts’ No. 1 corner, which he himself put out on social media last offseason.


Wilson credits two things for turning his career around, into at least having a consistent role in the team’s nickel personnel grouping to end the 2018 campaign.


Following the Colts starting 1-5 last year, players gathered for a players-called team meeting. In that meeting, Wilson looked at himself.


A concussion had sidelined Wilson for the three of the previous four games before that meeting. And when he was healthy, the corner had hardly made a notable impact in his brief NFL career.


“I’m sitting here and thinking I don’t want to be this disappointing second-round draft pick again,” Wilson admits to his own thoughts following the Colts (and his) poor start to the 2018 campaign.


That meeting, coupled with the signing of veteran safety Mike Mitchell, began Wilson getting his act together as a professional football player.


Wilson had a plea for Mitchell.


“I need help. I need to know how to get it done to reach my full potential,” Wilson says of his message to Mitchell.


So, Wilson followed Mitchell around, learning how to prepare for each opponent and being a true professional Monday-Saturday.


“Now, it’s a habit,” Wilson says of his new routine replicating Mitchell.


“It’s part of what I do now.”


Once the Colts returned from their bye week in November, Wilson was a consistent presence when an extra cornerback was needed, playing more than 60% of the team’s defensive snaps in the second half of the season.


Development still must occur for Wilson to become a mainstay as he heads into the third of a four-year rookie contract, especially with starting corners Kenny Moore and Pierre Desir returning in 2019.


But, like the franchise he plays for, the foundation Wilson is now on entering 2019 is much more solid than it was a few months back.


“Very proud of Quincy,” Chris Ballard said of his 2017 second-round pick following the end of the last season. “It’s not Quincy’s fault that we drafted him when he was 20 years old. That’s not on Quincy Wilson. That’s on me. It’s also my fault for not emotionally helping him prepare better for his rookie season. That’s on me. I’m very proud of him acknowledging that he needed to mature. He’s got a great dad and mom. They’re good people. They’re supportive. The impact of Mike Mitchell upon Quincy, I think Mike helped quiet his mind down and made him understand that, ‘Control what you can control. Do your best, and control what you’re doing and you’ll get to it sooner.’


“I know everybody wants, when we draft a player, wants him to all of the sudden be here (pointing into the air). That’s not reality. Sometimes, they just got to take steps, and you never know when they’re going to take the next big step. I still think there’s growth in Quincy Wilson. I still think he’s got a lot in him.”

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