Which Colts Could Receive Contract Extensions In 2020 Offseason?

Which Colts Could Receive Contract Extensions In 2020 Offseason?

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Which Colts Could Receive Contract Extensions In 2020 Offseason?

As the Colts get started with the 2020 offseason, who are some possible players that could receive contract extensions?

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INDIANAPOLIS – It’s not atop the off-season checklist for Chris Ballard.


And it might not be something Ballard gets too until later in the calendar year.


But the Colts do have some names to watch when it comes to handing out contract extensions.


One has to think Jacoby Brissett will play out his 2020 contract year. Justin Houston is also entering a contract year, but he turns 31 years old in two weeks, so an extension isn’t a guarantee.


So let’s take a look at 5 possible names on the extension list:


  • C-Ryan Kelly: Kelly is heading for his 5th year team option (which the Colts picked up last offseason) in 2020. That will pay Kelly a base salary of $10.3 million, which is the 2nd highest of any NFL center. Kelly playing in all 16 games this season was a key step for him. “Really proud of Ryan Kelly,” Ballard said following the 2019 season. “16 weeks, fought through, tremendous leader, is really starting to understand about the group, bringing the group together, being the leader of the O-line, fun to watch his growth.” It would not be a shock at all to see the 26-year-old Kelly receive an extension this offseason.
  • RB-Marlon Mack: With a base salary of just $735,000, Mack is an incredible bargain as he plays out his rookie contract as a 4th round pick. The 2020 season would be Mack’s final year on his four-year rookie deal. At just 23 years old, Mack is still pretty young for a guy approaching a second deal. At his season-ending presser, Chris Ballard pointed out the toughness shown by Mack in missing just two games due to a broken hand. Could the newly minted 1,000-yard rusher be looking at a $4 or $5 million contract extension? Given Mack’s age, the Colts should not be too afraid of him hitting the ‘second contract running back wall’ that we’ve seen recently around the NFL.
  • WR-T.Y. Hilton: The 30-year-old Hilton currently has the second highest base salary for a wideout in 2020 ($14.5 million), which is the final year of his current deal. At the age of 30, Hilton has given inklings at wanting another contract. Even though Hilton’s age and recent injury history isn’t ideal, he has some leverage given the lack of proven receivers around him on the Colts roster. Hilton is not thinking about retirement and him signing a third contract with the Colts would be a pretty impressive run for both player and team.
  • S-Malik Hooker: Chris Ballard’s assessment of Hooker’s third NFL season wasn’t a ringing endorsement for a big extension. “Malik was solid,” Ballard said. “Wouldn’t say he was great. He had some moments of being really good. And I thought he tailed off a little bit there at the end.” Hooker just finished up year three of a four-year rookie deal. He has a 5th year team option though as a 2017 first-round pick that the Colts must pick up by the end of May. Exercising that, while seeing if Hooker can grow into that Pro Bowl talent at safety in 2020/2021, would be smart before pondering a major extension down the road.
  • LB-Anthony Walker: A very good find by Chris Ballard on Day 3 of the 2017 NFL Draft, Walker has become a vital component to the middle of the Colts defense. Walker brings a strong intellect to the MIKE position, starting for the last two seasons. Walker is heading into the final season of his 4-year rookie contract. Now, with the selection of Bobby Okereke in the third round last season, he very well could be viewed as the future at the MIKE position. Walker’s locked in fit moving forward isn’t set in stone, but he is a player this staff holds in high regard.

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