Which Colts Have The Most Pressure On Them Going Into The 2019 Season?

Which Colts Have The Most Pressure On Them Going Into The 2019 Season?

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Which Colts Have The Most Pressure On Them Going Into The 2019 Season?

Heading into 2019, here’s a look at the Colts with the most pressure on them.

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INDIANAPOLISThere are all different types of pressure that comes with life in the NFL.


For the 2019 Colts, there’s plenty of team pressure with expectations rising in Frank Reich’s second season at the helm.


Individually, for a variety of reasons, several Colts have pressure on them this year.


Here’s a look at the Colts with the most pressure on them in 2019:


  • Anthony Castonzo: Whether it’s for the team, or for himself, there’s a gargantuan amount of pressure on Castonzo this season. First, for himself, he’s in a contract year, with likely just one more big pay day left in his NFL career. Castonzo will turn 31 years old in August and it seems like the Colts are looking to get an extension done with their durable left tackle before free agency starts next March. Team wise, Castonzo is beyond vital to the Colts’ success. Just pop in the film from last year’s start to the season when Castonzo missed the first 5 games. From a position standpoint, there might not be a bigger drop off from starter, to backup, than with Castonzo at left tackle. Pressure for a new contract, pressure to keep Andrew Luck’s blindside clean---that’s a whole lot of pressure.
  • Eric Ebron: Just listen to how Eric Ebron feels about his impact on the Colts’ overall success: “I feel like if I’m at my best then I feel like this team will be at their best,” the tight end says. “I feel like I always have the mismatch. I feel like I always can win against any opponent or anything. I feel like if we are going to do anything further then I have to take my game further.” Honestly, why I put Ebron on this list is from more on the individual pressure that will be coming his way in a contract year. When Ebron signed his second NFL contract, back in 2018 with the Colts, it was not what he was expecting after being taken 10th overall in the 2014 Draft. At the age of 26, Ebron can still earn a very nice pay day next spring, but it’s going to take a strong 2019 season, backing up his Pro Bowl campaign from last year. You could probably insert Devin Funchess into a similar description, but we’ll go with Ebron after the 2018 season he just had in Indy.
  • Andrew Luck: When you play quarterback in the NFL, you have pressure. When you make the type of money that Andrew Luck makes, there’s even more pressure. And when you have people calling you a ‘generational quarterback’ upon entering the NFL, there’s even more pressure. That’s life for Luck. Last year, the pressure on Luck was to prove he could be available to his football team and get back playing at a high level. Luck handled that pressure. Now, it’s time for Luck to ascend into being, without a doubt, one of the best quarterbacks to play in the NFL. We are talking MVP conversation/definite Pro Bowler for Luck in 2019. This is Luck’s 8th season in the NFL. It’s his second playing in Frank Reich’s system. Luck turns 30 years old in September. This is when we need to see Luck take his game to the top peak of NFL quarterback play.
  • Clayton Geathers: Unfortunately, injuries have Geathers on this list in 2019. The Colts gave Geathers another chance earlier this offseason in handing out a one-year contract for their starting safety. For a long-term deal to come Geathers’ way past 2019, he must stay healthy. Pressure is on the hard-hitting safety to simply be more reliable over the course of a 16-game season. When healthy, Geathers has proven to be an effective starting defender. But injuries have marred just how big of an impact he has made. The NFL is, ultimately, a business. So the feel good story and the hope that Geathers will eventually be more reliable is ticking rather quickly.
  • Justin Houston: It’s pressure to deliver for Justin Houston in Indianapolis. For a third-round pick back in 2011, Houston has had a tremendous NFL career. But the Colts need him to turn back the clock a bit in 2019. The biggest need for Indianapolis, extending back several years, has been searching for a dominant edge rusher. An even bigger onus is on it this season, with so many elite quarterbacks on the schedule. Pressure is there for Houston to be the top rusher, produce sacks/hurries, which will then lead to less attention towards other defenders, and help out a back end looking to experiment more with coverages.
  • Quincy Wilson: From a team standpoint, and compared to the other names on this list, Wilson’s 2019 season probably has the least amount of impact. But he’s still a notable name competing for a key spot in the nickel package. Personally though, this is a massive season for Wilson. It’s Year Three for the 2017 second-round pick. His rookie contract is for just four years. When you look at the Colts’ current cornerback group, they have Kenny Moore signed through 2023, Pierre Desir signed through 2021 and top draft pick from this past year Rock Ya-Sin signed through 2022. There’s not a desperate need to retain Wilson, unless he takes positive strides in the next two seasons. The Colts have some security at corner past the 2020 season, which is Wilson’s final year on his rookie deal. This is a very critical season for Wilson reaching the second-round level he was drafted in.


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