2019 First Pacers Mock Draft Look: Guards, Shooters Coming To Indiana At Pick No. 18


2019 First Pacers Mock Draft Look: Guards, Shooters Coming To Indiana At Pick No. 18

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2019 First Pacers Mock Draft Look: Guards, Shooters Coming To Indiana At Pick No. 18

Our first Pacers Mock Draft look has a lot of shooting coming to them at pick No. 18. Who are some of the Pacers being pegged for them in Round One?

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INDIANAPOLIS – We are less than three weeks away from the 2019 NBA Draft.

Once the NBA finals ends, things ramp up rapidly in the NBA off-season world.

The Pacers hold the 18th pick in the 2019 Draft, in what is a critical selection for the future of this team. Mock Drafts have begun with a particular position being pegged for the Pacers in Round One.

Here is our first Mock Draft look for 2019:

NBA Draft.Net’s Ben Parker: 6-8 G/F, KZ Okpala (Stanford)

Parker's Analysis: It’s not shock that Okpala is drawing attention from NBA scouts in the manner that he is ... He has fantastic physical gifts and is becoming a polished basketball player that can do a variety of things on the floor ... If he can add some weight, improve his physicality, and be more aggressive on defense, he has the chance to have a very successful career in the NBA.


The Athletic’s Sam Vecenie: 6-6 Wing, Kevin Porter (USC)

Vecenie's Analysis: Porter is one of the toughest prospects to peg around the NBA right now. Ask NBA teams to peg his draft range, and they’ll give you an answer anywhere from late lottery all the way down to the early second round. Basically, teams need to meet with Porter, and start to wrap their head around some of the bizarre situations that surrounded him at USC this season — including an upper leg injury that held him out for nearly two months, and a suspension during an Oregon road trip. There are things that Porter and, to an extent, his agency (Roc Nation) will need to have a positive answer for. At the end of the day, though, I’m going to bet on someone taking a shot on his talents in the first round. Porter’s creativity is off the charts good when he has ball in hand. He can keep a live dribble, get a defender on skates, and get to his step-back pull-up at will. Then, when he does get a defender off-balance and drive to the hoop in a straight line, he can finish above the rim. The Pacers have a lot of uncertainty with free agency this summer, but one thing is clear: the team needs more scoring options, even once Victor Oladipo returns at the start of next season. Taking a shot on Porter, given their terrific team chemistry, seems like the kind of move that could really pay off down the road.


Sports Illustrated’s Jeremy Woo: 6-5 G-Nickeil Alexander-Walker (Virginia Tech)

Woo’s Analysis: Indiana can go a variety of directions with this pick, with a good chunk of their roster set to hit free agency and a big off-season ahead. Adding perimeter talent makes the most sense, with Myles Turner and Domantas Sabonis entrenched up front. What Alexander-Walker lacks in athletic upside and innate ability attacking the basket, he should be able to compensate for with feel and skill, and he could be a strong eventual fit playing off of Victor Oladipo.


The Bleacher Report’s Jonathan Wasserman: 6-5 G-Kevin Porter Jr. (USC)

Wasserman’s Analysis: An explosive scorer with strong defensive tools, Porter possesses both lottery talent and flashy skills in terms of shot creation and shot-making. The question marks focus on his shot selection and mentality.


CBS Sports’ Kyle Boone: 6-5 G-Tyler Herro (Kentucky)

 Boone’s Analysis: As the Pacers continue to add pieces to surround Victor Oladipo with talent, Herro should be a name they'll consider. An excellent scorer and shooter, Herro could alleviate some playmaking pressure off Oladipo, too, as he's capable of creating shots for himself off the dribble and an underrated passer. Wesley Matthews's imminent unrestricted free agency and Tyreke Evans's recent disqualification from the NBA makes this an all-the-more savvy selection at No. 18.





Wing-Kevin Porter (2)

G-Tyler Herro (1)

G-Nickeil Alexander-Walker (1)

G/F-KZ Okpala (1)



Bowen’s Analysis: Well, there’s a pretty clear consensus on what NBA draft prognosticators have being pegged for the Pacers in Round One. Improving shooting is a definite focus for the Pacers this offseason, and several of the names above fall into the ‘shooter’ category. Projecting these guys into a future starting lineup for Indiana is a bit tough considering the Pacers already have Victor Oladipo at the 2-guard spot. But the position-less NBA, and the heavy emphasis on putting more and more shooters on the floor, would lend to Indiana going down this route. Both Kevin Pritchard and Nate McMillan have said they want to shoot more three-pointers this season. Improving pace is also a goal, but this draft doesn’t have a lot of point guard talent in the middle of Round One.


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