Pacers Changed Their Thinking With Offseason Approach

Pacers Changed Their Thinking With Offseason Approach

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Pacers Changed Their Thinking With Offseason Approach

What went into the thinking behind the Pacers reconstructing a large chunk of their roster this summer? Kevin Pritchard weighs in on that thinking.

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INDIANAPOLISKevin Pritchard wanted the flexibility this summer.


And he took full advantage of it, by abandoning the chemistry and culture mindset he so often preached over the past two years.


Gone are 5 of the top 6 guys from Indiana’s playoff loss to Boston back in April.


The Pacers, wisely, are not running it back this coming season.


Instead, Pritchard wanted to realign the ages and contract situations for his main core.


“If you look at some of the things we did, we added a lot of firepower offensively, but probably the biggest thing and something we always wanted is having a team that is on a good timeline,” Pritchard says.


“We feel that we have a very young team, a very vibrant team that is willing to get better.”


When scanning the Indiana roster, it’s pretty crazy that the age of 27 represents the oldest person on the roster, not named Justin Holiday.


While Indiana wanted to bring back Bojan Bogdanovic, his absence has sent several guys north of 30 years old out the door. Thaddeus Young and Darren Collison are gone as well.


Experience and finding a veteran leader are things the Pacers must address, although Pritchard sees other pros to what they have done this summer.


“We’ve gotten young,” the Pacers president says. “I think we’ve gotten really athletic. I think there’s a great balance with youth and some experience.”


In looking at the current contract situation for the Pacers, it looks much different from this time last year.


This past summer, the Pacers had 7 unrestricted free agents, with many of them providing big roles too this team.


Looking ahead to 2020, a restricted free agent in Domantas Sabonis (which could change with a contract extension) is the only major item on the priority list for Indiana.


If the Pacers decide to retain Sabonis, and extend him, Indiana’s top 8-9 guys are under contract for at least the next two seasons.


That works out nicely when you think about the reality of Oladipo’s injury situation impacting how this season can look from a playoff run standpoint.


“A lot of guys are now in their prime and they can grow and develop together,” McMillan says.


“These guys can flat out play. We are going to let them go. We are going to push them in the sense of bringing their talent out. We need scoring…We’ve added a solid foundation of players that will be able to grow and develop into the future.”

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