Pacers Owner Herb Simon Makes Major Difference In Acquiring Malcolm Brogdon

Pacers Owner Herb Simon Makes Major Difference In Acquiring Malcolm Brogdon

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Pacers Owner Herb Simon Makes Major Difference In Acquiring Malcolm Brogdon

How did the Pacers go about trading for Malcolm Brogdon? Where does Brogdon fit with the Pacers and Victor Oladipo?

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INDIANAPOLISIt’s difficult to imagine a screaming Nate McMillan on a phone call.


But Kevin Pritchard painted that real picture on Monday morning.


At the introductory press conference for new point guard Malcolm Brogdon, Pritchard explained what happened when the Pacers president called his head coach to explain the good free agency news that was shifting in Indiana’s favor.


The 4 ‘great options’ that the Pacers wanted for this summer, per Pritchard, all included Brogdon. So that was why McMillan was giddy, and shocked, about hearing the news upon returning to Indianapolis for the start of free agency.


“It was the most excited I’ve seen Nate in 10 years,” Pritchard says of the call that informed his head coach about Brogdon and the Pacers becoming a marriage. “I think he said, ‘Really’ like 15 times in a row. It was funny because (owner Herb Simon) was on the call, too. (McMillan) kept going: 'Really? Really?'


“That’s sort of how we feel about it, too.”


On Monday, Pritchard called Brogdon coming to the Pacers as one of the greatest days in franchise history.


“Today really is an epic day for the franchise,” Pritchard said. “In acquiring Malcolm we have that person that we feel is special.”


How the Pacers feel about Brogdon is exactly why Simon felt like the need to get involved in the free agency process.


Coming into the offseason, Pritchard thought the Pacers had a 10 percent chance at acquiring Brogdon, who was a restricted free agent, with the Bucks wanting to retain their heady, efficient, guard.


But thanks to some draft capital (a lottery protected first rounder and two second round picks), and Simon entering the negotiation process, those odds improved dramatically.


“I really believe when Herb talked to the owner of Milwaukee (Marc Lasry, co-owner of the Bucks) and they had a very open and honest discussion, both of them said ‘Let’s make this deal,’” Pritchard explained on Monday. “At the time, it went from 10 percent to 90 percent on that call.


“That’s something that I had never seen before in my life, but you can see how Herb has been so successful. He wants win-win deals. He was all about how to make this a win-win deal, something that Milwaukee can come away feeling good about, when they looked to their future, with the 1st round pick and two second (round selections).”


Of course, another massive part of this puzzle fitting was Brogdon also wanting to come to Indiana.


As we’ve seen in recent years, it’s rare for upper echelon NBA talents to be dreaming about a future with the Pacers.


But it’s something Brogdon has thought about since his days coming out of Virginia.


“Initially, my agent had wanted me to go to Indiana coming out of the draft,” Brogdon, a 2016 second-round pick, with a Master’s degree from UVA, said. “That was one of the top teams for me in terms of fit, style of play, the coach, the front office, everything for me fit for the organization. While it didn’t happen (in the draft), a few years down the road it’s happened and I couldn’t be happier.


“This, I think, is the best fit for me.”


Listening to Brogdon, who some dub ‘The President’ for his notable presence when speaking, it was clear that this is a very mutual fit in Indiana.


“I’ve watched the Pacers for years,” the 26-year-old guard said on Monday. “I’ve watched their toughness, their defensive ability—they focus on that end, their ability to play together and win games as a team. There is no one guy that is taking all the shots every night. They have a selfless leader in Victor Oladipo and that’s a guy I want to play with and a coach I want to play for and a team I want to be part of.”


Speaking of Oladipo, Brogdon will be the point guard in Indiana, with both players having the flexibility to play on, and off, the ball.


According to McMillan, improving at point guard was Indiana’s most important position to address this offseason.


The Pacers have done that with a player who sounds like everything this franchise wants.


“My IQ and my versatility which turns into winning games, I think those are my strongest assets,” Brogdon says, when asked about his strengths. “You can look at my three percentage, you can look at whatever people want to say, but I think it’s my IQ and my ability to win and bring a team together is my strongest asset.”


Yep, Malcolm Brogdon sounds like a Pacer.

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