Pacers Want To Play Faster, Shoot More Three-Pointers Next Season


Pacers Want To Play Faster, Shoot More Three-Pointers Next Season

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Pacers Want To Play Faster, Shoot More Three-Pointers Next Season

Why are the Pacers wanting to change their style of play going into Nate McMillan’s third season at the helm in Indiana?

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INDIANAPOLISNot only do the Indiana Pacers want to upgrade their talent this offseason, they also plan on altering their style of play.


How those personnel changes eventually play out will contribute heavily to how different the Pacers do play next season.


But the focus is there.


Get faster. Shoot more threes.


A faster tempo has often been a common theme from Nate McMillan when his offense is struggling.


With the Pacers hoping to find a better creator this offseason, that could play into a guy that is willing to get out into the open floor early in the shot clock and look for some quick offense.


“That tempo that we are talking about, that pace we want to be consistent at playing at, we weren’t consistent last year,” McMillan says. “We lose Victor (Oladipo) and he was the guy that really established that tempo and that pace with his ability to rebound and push or advance the ball to get out and strike quickly. We always talk about playing early or playing late. What I mean by that is if we can advance the ball and get a quick rim attempt or an open look, we want to take that. If we don’t have that, we want to make the defense work and defend and play into your third or fourth option. We played more into our third or fourth option after we lost Victor.”


Indiana finished last season 23rd in overall pace, a number that dwindled significantly once Oladipo was lost for the season in late January.


A more up-tempo pace could lead to some earlier looks from behind the arc, as well.


Only one team shot fewer three-point attempts per game than Indiana last year (25.5 threes attempted per game).


With Indiana actually finishing 5th in three-point percentage (37.4 percent), the Pacers believe their offense can see a rise in production from taking more threes each game---which is a trend that the vast majority of the NBA is fully abiding by nowadays.


“We are not going to jack up contested threes just for the sake of getting more attempts,” McMillan cautions. “I believe that ball movement and pace can create those opportunities for you. They did create those opportunities for us, and we shot a pretty good percentage from the three-point line.”


Get ready, Pacers fans.


We will see how the personnel additions and subtractions over the next month and change will impact the desire to change their playing style.

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