Victor Oladipo In Physical Therapy Part of Knee Injury Rehab


Victor Oladipo In Physical Therapy Part of Knee Injury Rehab

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Victor Oladipo In Physical Therapy Part of Knee Injury Rehab

Victor Oladipo is progressing through his ruptured quad tendon injury from earlier this year. What is the latest on Oladipo’s right knee rehab?

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INDIANAPOLISKevin Pritchard can’t help but be optimistic when listening to Victor Oladipo.


The two had dinner last Sunday and Pritchard walked away fully believing in the upbeat nature that Oladipo always exudes.


“(Oladipo) has made it perfectly clear to me that he’s going to be back and a better player,” Pritchard says. “When that is, I’m not sure. But it’s coming along very nicely. And he feels very good about it. In Victor style, he has promised that he will come back at 200-300 percent of what he was. It’s funny, when you talk to him like that, how do you not believe him? It’s just so contagious. I remember leaving that dinner, ‘Man, we are going to be really good next year.’


“When is he back next year? I’m not sure yet. I think it’s a little too early to put a timeline on it.”


If the Pacers do have a timeline in-house for Oladipo’s return, they are in no mood to reveal that publicly.


Rehab for Oladipo has progressed to the next level though.


Oladipo had surgery on Jan. 28 for a ruptured quad tendon in his right knee.


More than 3 months removed from that surgery, Oladipo is now entering the next phase of his rehab.


“What happens in that injury is you have the surgery and for about 12-13 weeks it’s just about healing,” Pritchard says. “Now, it flips in from the injury, to the physical therapy part. He’s just starting that therapy part.”


The therapy part sees Oladipo update his status on various social platforms, with Miami being the destination for his rehab.


Pritchard said Oladipo entering the PT part of things should offer a clearer timeline, but it’s still too early in projecting when that might be.


Earlier this year, Oladipo acknowledged the lengthy rehab that he was embarking on.


“I’ve embraced that this is going to be a process and I’m going to learn a lot during this time and I’m going to grow a lot during this time and I look forward to that growth,” the All-Star guard said.


For Oladipo and the Pacers, it’s a not matter of if he will get back to his elite level, but more so when.





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