Sobek's Selections, Quick Picks Featuring College Football Week 3


Sobek's Selections, Quick Picks Featuring College Football Week 3

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Sobek's Selections, Quick Picks Featuring College Football Week 3

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Welcome to the official picks page for Let's Parlay! I'll continue to update my selections in real-time throughout each week. All picks made in my articles can be found here, as well as additional selections that may not be addressed directly in the blog.

Keep in mind that odds lock the moment you make a bet. None of that pari-mutuel horse racing garbage. There is a high likelihood the payout for my picks will be different from yours. Perhaps you used another sportsbook or wagered on the spread or moneyline at a different time. Feel free to scale your bets accordingly; I'm playing at the "every man's" stake level to make any gains or losses similar to a casual sports bettor's.

Overall record does NOT indicate profitability. Be sure to follow the 'Money Won/Lost' column for a more accurate reading on my overall success.


Yesterday's pick: Bet $30 on North Carolina Moneyline (+130) to win $39; The Heels survived a close one Saturday night against Miami. Freshman QB Sam Howell played well down the stretch yet again, converting a 4th and 17 that led to a go-ahead touchdown. You can't teach clutch play, especially in college, so we'll ride the wave here and stick with Carolina. Until they're a favorite, there's value here. 


**Carolina almost pulled off the improbable comeback, but the hype, indeed, was too much.


Saturday Quick Picks (discussed on the Tailgate College Football Kickoff Show):

Bet $30 on Ohio State (-17.5) @ -110 to win $27.27

IU is still having problems catching the football, and the false sense of security on defense that Eastern Illinois provided the Hoosiers last week could be dangerous.

Bet $40 on Michigan State (-15) @ -110 to win $36.36

The Spartans allow, get this, -0.1 yards per carry. Arizona State starts 2 freshman on the offensive line, and Michigan State is looking for revenge after last year's close loss in the desert. This shouldn't be close.

Bet $30 on TCU (-2) @ -110 to win $27.27

This matchup is only one of two (Iowa/Iowa State) that have flip-flopped favorites this week. TCU started out as 2-point dogs and are now favored to win by the same margin. This didn't happen at all in Week 1; Week 2 saw Maryland (against Syracuse) and Arkansas State (versus UNLV) become favorites by kickoff. They both won by more than 25 points. Coach Patterson will have a plan to limit Rondale Moore's production.

Other picks:

Bet $30 on Temple (+6.5) @ -110 to win $27.27

Temple is the king of covering the spread. What's more? Maryland's stock soared after their blowout of Syracuse last week. The public is a little too excited about the Terps here. There's value in the +6.5 number.

Bet $30 on the Middle Tennessee State Moneyline @ +215 to win $64.50

The Blue Raiders held their own against Michigan and have an explosive offense. Duke is struggling to find an early-season identity, and this is a game MTSU should take outright.

Bet $30 on Eastern Michigan (+7) @ -110 to win $27.27

Illinois only beat UConn by 8 last week. There are multiple angles here that give the edge to the Eagles, but that's really all that needs to be said.


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Last updated 9/14 @ 10:41 am ET

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