“This was a gateway win”

“This was a gateway win”

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“This was a gateway win”

Coach Rick Venturi joins JMV to break down the AFC win over the Texans, look forward into the schedule, and the impact of defensive changes.

On win over Houston...

“This was a huge win. We talked about the blueprint last monday about what they had to do and they went out and did it.  To think we are sitting at 4-2, I think we totally reestablished who we are, and totally reestablished an identity on offense.  We have a new identity on defense. To quote coach Reich, the last eight quarters in the last two wins have been confident team wins...It was a really outstanding game. Tactically and physically we are playing at a championship level. In some respects, we were a better team than the score indicates.”


On looking forward to the rest of the season...

“You have to stay in the moment.  This is not a league where you are guaranteed a win.  I really think that is important because when you look at the team, the Colts have established their identity.  They know they have a good offensive line and in the last two weeks, they have reshaped their defense. I can't say enough about what we have done in the last two weeks, both on and off the field.  With the combination of Colts, offense, defense and special teams, the sky's the limit. They need to grind it out and never look back.”


On Jacoby Brissett...

He has grown every week.  The numbers were there: 326 passing yards, four passing touchdowns and those four touchdowns were in the red zone.  It doesn't get better than that.  He really is reflective of Frank Reich.  He plays with the patience, smartness, and toughness. He has proven that he is a very accurate passer.  He will occasionally have a mistake which is not uncommon like his fumble snap but other than that, he makes almost no mistakes.  He never puts you in that hole early. The tools are there for him and he can move the chains. He has great mobility… and sometimes his greatness comes from not making that mistake.” 


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