Which Quarterback will we see on Sunday?

Which Quarterback will we see on Sunday?

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Which Quarterback will we see on Sunday?

Matt Taylor joins JMV to look forward to the Colts home game against the Dolphins and who might sit in the quarterback seat.

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On playing down to opponents.. 

“That is what makes last Sunday's game so frustrating because on paper, even with it being on the road, that was a game the Colts should have won and could have won.  You can't do that because you didn’t play well because you had three turnovers that cost you 17 points and seven penalties with some of those penalties directly costing some points. If there ever was a game where you would look at again on paper, and I know the games aren’t played like that, this looks like a game that they could get right and win by double figure but at the end of the day we are still playing an NFL team that has talented players.”


On Jacoby Brissett possibility of playing.. 

“We are going to have to wait to see.  He has been limited in practice all week which is a great sign considering it could have been a multitude of things when he went out last week. Certainly it is not season ending and not a long term thing, so long as he doesn’t get reinjured with it, but I would say there is a good chance he plays on Sunday. What we don’t have at practice is guys running at him or guys at his feet.  They protect the quarterbacks during practice and they are not running out of the pocket and to me, that is the last piece of the puzzle. I don’t know how cablable he will be when pressure comes his way. There is a lot that goes into it that deals with movement.”


On Brian Hoyer… 

“It would not.  The Colts do a good job of asking the player, getting him involved, getting the coach involved, and decide what is best for the player and what is best for the team.   Again, if Jacoby can’t make all of his movements, the next best option is Brian Hoyer and he is a really good option. We saw what he did last Sunday against the Steelers having not playing with those receivers and tight ends, having not played with those running backs and essentially being a Colt for 8 weeks and not having the experience the preseason with the Colts.  He has done a good job of getting up to speed in a short time and gives the Colts a great option to win.”


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