Why do the Colts Play Down to Opponents Level?

Why do the Colts Play Down to Opponents Level?

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Why do the Colts Play Down to Opponents Level?

Coach Rick Venturi joins JMV to look back at the Colts loss to the Steelers, including two main points of why the Steelers pulled out with the slim win.

On the slim loss… 

“This was a huge disappointment.  Going in, I respected the Steelers defense but you were looking at a team that was 28th in offense, a quarterback that was ranked 26th, and a team that was down to their third and fourth string running backs.  The whole game wasn't a disaster. The numbers on defense were really good but it was the big mistakes, negative plays, and mental breakdowns in critical situations. The Steelers did what they do in they go after the quarterback and take away the ball. The disappointing fact is that we always play down to our opponents level.”


On why the Steelers won… 

“With Hoyer, it never felt like it was over.  In the three touchdowns coming off the bench was really good but I do think the two key plays of why we lost were: 1. The pick six and 2. The miss on the fourth and four. “


On Adam Vinatieri… 

“Every time he steps up to kick it, it is mental.  Even some of the ones he makes aren’t pretty. I don’t know what is out there and everyone obviously loves him but at this point in time, it is only that reputation that is keeping him here.  There is no way that any other kicker would still be here after missing the way he does… It wasn’t purely clean and if it's a perfect world, you want to spin those laces. You do that without even thinking and if you don’t get them out of there, then it still doesn't change that much.  I thought what Frank has brought is a real sense of accountability. I don’t know who would take his spot but maybe it is time to seriously consider something.”


On Brian Hoyer… 

“I thought he came in and did a good job.  The throw and the catch to pascal, who had a really good game, was placed where it needed to be.  I thought for his first throw, again Doyle helped him by doing a good job, he did a good adjustment and had the presence to find the guy down field.  I thought overall, he got out of trouble well and like I said, I was happy when they signed him because he was the best of the best of the backup guys.  This is a guy who has won a ton of games and thrown a ton of touchdown passes. You can still play your offense with Hoyer - you are not dead in the water.”


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