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FULL SHOW: Indy Eleven Soccer Saturday for 03/14/2020

Here is the rundown for today’s show of Soccer Saturday:

(00:00-4:49) – Greg Rakestraw welcomes you into this week’s different edition of Soccer Saturday following the suspension of USL and MLS for at least 30 days by previewing who you will be hearing from the next forty minutes of the show and a record that the Indy Eleven set in their season opener seven days ago.

(4:51-15:31) – Indy Eleven’s CEO, Greg Stremlaw, joins the show to explain when he became aware of the possibility of soccer being suspended, what the next thirty days will look like for both the players and the people within the front office, the communication between each of the club’s presidents with the league itself, and Greg Rakestraw shines some light on Stremlaw’s past experiences in Canada in which have helped him be prepared for a situation like this.

(15:33-28:02) – Indy Eleven’s Head Coach in Martin Rennie is back as per usual on the program to discuss at what point in time he thought the team would not be playing due to a suspension of the league, what practice will look like these next couple of weeks until the season resumes, and the dramatic come from behind victory by his team in the season opener a week ago.

(28:04-40:49) – Vice President of Communications for the USL in Ryan Madden follows Stremlaw and Rennie to explain when it really started to sit in with the league office that a course of action needed to take place, the communication between the league and the health organizations, how the USL will know when it is time to return back to action, and sheds some light on what will be happening within the league office the next couple of weeks without soccer.

(40:51-44:18) – Greg Rakestraw closes the show by delivering some soccer news that has transpired throughout the week, informs you that the show will go on even without soccer actually being played, and delivers a message for you in regards to the coronavirus.


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