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FULL SHOW: Indy Eleven Soccer Saturday for 03/28/20

(00:00-01:56) – Greg Rakestraw is back for another edition of Soccer Saturday and in the opening segment, he updates you on the status of the Indy Eleven season, and gives you a preview what is to come later in the program.

(01:58-17:31) – Assistant Coach Phil Presser joins the show for the very first time to explain what the Indiana Fire Junior’s are all about, how he has kept his sanity the past couple of weeks, and how much communication he and the rest of the coaches are having with one another and the team.

(17:33-31:32) – Indy Eleven’s Director of Communications, John Koluder, joins the program to talk about whether or not there has been a specific game-day poster for every game in Indy Eleven history, what the Indy Eleven are doing in the USL eCup, and the charity work the team is doing.

(31:34-41:43) – Former Indy Eleven player in Zach Steinberger follows Kolluder and Coach Presser to explain what he is doing to stay busy during this hiatus, what it was like going in and out of training due to the IndyCar race being setup, and discusses his favorite memory with the Indy Eleven.

(41:45-43:42) – Greg wraps up the show by telling you where you can go to stay up to date on Indy Eleven news, the date in which the league is attempting to  resume training, and talks a little bit about his favorite soccer documentary.


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