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FULL Show: Indy Eleven Soccer Saturday for 3/21/20

(00:00-03:51) – Greg Rakestraw is back with his second edition of Soccer Saturday following the postponement of soccer due to the COVID-19. Greg previews what is to come the rest of the show and updates you on when the season might start for the Indy Eleven.

(03:53-17:45) – Head Coach Martin Rennie joins the show to discuss what he is doing with all of this downtime, if he watching more film on his own team or if he is watching film on upcoming opponents, how much he’s talking with each player individually since the team cannot train at all right now, and what he’s watching on YouTube to pass some time.

(17:47-28:02) – Indy Eleven’s Paddy Barrett follows his coach by elaborating on what kind of training he and his teammates have done the last nine days, his experience at meeting and greeting with fans on St. Patrick’s Day, how this time has allowed him to reconnect with some friends and family that he usually isn’t contact with during this time of the year, and what he is watching on YouTube

(28:04-44:43) – TV soccer commentator and former American soccer player, Brian Dunseth, joins the show while walking his dog to discuss how many different countries he has played in or broadcasted from so far in his life, what he is watching on YouTube when it comes to soccer, and gives his opinion on the likelihood that the MLS plays a full season.

(44:45-45:15) – Greg wraps up the show by thanking all of his guests from today.


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