Soccer Saturday

Greg Rakestraw Updates You On USL Championship And Champions League

(00:00-08:41) – Greg Rakestraw is back with another edition of Soccer Saturday and opens the show by recapping last week’s show, touches on the concept of today’s show, and catches you up on what is happening in the USL Championship.

(11:43-25:03) – As tradition continues around Thanksgiving, Greg brings back a conversation he had with an author. The first interview Rake replays is his conversation with author Roger Bennett of Reborn in the USA: An Englishman’s Love Letter to His Chosen Home. Bennett explains the feedback that he has received since his book was published on June 29th of this year, jokes about how he had to write a book about England to end their curse for the UEFA European Championship, and tells some backstories from England and his time in the USA.

(28:04-37:23) – Author of Secrets Of Success: Insights From Megan Rapinoe’s World-Class Soccer Career in Meg Linehan was the second conversation that Rake replays on today’s show. Linehan shared what she learned about Megan Rapinoe while she was researching her before putting the book together, how much longer she thinks Rapinoe will be professionally be playing soccer, and updated you on how the new expansion team in Racing Louisville FC is coming along.

(40:25-51:34) – The final best-of interview author edition of Soccer Saturday is author Rob Goldman of The Sisterhood: The 99ers and the Rise of US Women’s Soccer from a couple weeks ago where he explained why right now was the write time to write a book about the 1999 World Cup team, what it was like talking with Tony Dicicco in the latter stages of his life, and which player on the team that isn’t talked about enough from that team.

(54:35-57:19) – Today’s show concludes with Rake teasing some Indy Eleven conversations that he will be having next week and quickly previews all the latest local soccer matches that are coming up within the next week.


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