Purdue head coach Jeff Brohm walk onto the field during a time out during the Purdue Boilermakers vs. Penn State Nittany Lions

Purdue Bans Students Sports Betting

Randy Litzinger | Getty Images

From WLFI.com:

“Betting on the Boilermakers will no longer be allowed for Purdue University faculty and students.
The Purdue Board of Trustees met Thursday and discussed whether sports wagering on its own athletics department should be allowed now that it is legal in Indiana. The vote on the ban was unanimous. 
Now, Purdue will make final tweaks to a draft. The policy is expected to go out before the Purdue at Iowa football game on Oct.19. 
The ban includes faculty, staff and students from betting on teams, coaches, contests, stats, etc. The prohibition includes sports wagers placed on any team, on a pre-game or in-play basis placed in US and placed online or app (legal or illegal).
Those found to be in violation, on the faculty and staff side, could be terminated. The Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and Vice President for Human Resources in concert with the Executive Policy Review Group will figure out sanctions for staff. The Vice Provost for Student Life and the Dean of Students will work with the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities and the EPRG to develop sanctioning guidelines for non-athlete students who are found to be in violation.”

This is wild. 

Mitch Daniels said it’s, “not the bracket in the dorm thing.” 

Does that mean that brackets are a more traditional, friendly, and bonding type of gambling so that’s OK? 

So the question then has to be how will they be able to legislate this on a campus as big as Purdue? Surely the students wouldn’t be dumb enough to register their online gambling under their Purdue student email address. What’s to stop the students from coming to Indianapolis to place a bet in-person? What about when they go on break away from the University? 

A lot of questions to be answered before October 19. 


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