Darius Leonard #53 of the Indianapolis Colts on the field after a game against the Tennessee Titans at Nissan Stadium on Decembe

Darius Leonard Goes Vince Carter, Sticks Elbow In Rim During Dunk

Wesley Hitt | Getty Images

Folks, they don’t call him “The Maniac” no reason – that includes on the basketball court now, too, apparently. 

Darius Leonard posted on his Instagram story two videos of him dunking like he’s practicing for the 2019 NBA Dunk Contest. The first was one of him flying over a 6’6 guy to throw it down with ease. 

I can’t embed it from his page to here, but if you check it out you’ll see he takes off from almost near the free throw line. 

The second one was reminiscent to the 2000 NBA Dunk Contest where Vince Carter cemented his name in “freak” athlete lore forever. 

Chris Ballard loved Leonard’s length, freak athleticism, and speed coming out of the draft. If this video would have surfaced back in April, Leonard may not have made it out of the first round based purely on his crazy athleticism. 

I know what Colts fans are thinking. 

“That’s really cool, but ooooooooh please don’t get hurt showing off your hoop skills!!!”  

Well, he’s safe for now, and pretty great to know you have that kind of athlete on your side. 



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