Internship Program

Thank you for your interest regarding Emmis Internships.  We have internship opportunities in various departments for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter semesters.  These positions usually last for a period of 12 weeks. 

The Emmis Communications internship program is open to college students attending an accredited college or university.  The internship program allows students majoring in the communications or related fields to gain valuable experience and explore potential career opportunities.  Students will be placed at one or more of the following Emmis Stations: WIBC 93.1-FMB105.7-FM, 97.1 HANK-FM or 107.5 / 1070The Fan.

Students are assigned projects that allow them to become familiar with a variety of departments and its role in the company.  The student is responsible for obtaining the necessary paperwork from their college or university to ensure, when applicable, that they receive their credit hours.  (This includes evaluation forms and other documents needing to be signed by the Emmis Communications).


  • COMPLETED EDUCATIONAL ENDORSEMENT from college or University
    • (Letter should be from a university instructor, department chair, advisor or professor)
(Varies depending on University requirements & station department heads)

Average of 20 hours or less per week unless college credit guidelines (for those unpaid interns receiving college credit) state differently.




~ DIGITAL (Videography, Graphic Design, Web Design, Creative Content)- Potential interns will assist the digital team in creating unique video, audio and written content that relates to the station brands and is made available on our station websites.  Interns will explore the nontraditional side of radio that is quickly becoming a huge part of marketing. During this internship, interns will be working with all forms of digital media including but not limited to video, social media and web design.


~ NEWS – Student will work in the fast paced atmosphere of the WIBC Newsroom assisting with the gathering and dissemination of news stories. News reporting interns can choose between a focus in news content or news production. News content interns will work directly with WIBC reporters both on and offsite discovering how they write their stories. News production interns will work directly with the WIBC producers to see how topics go from discussion to on-air.


~ PRODUCTION/CREATIVE SERVICES –Students will learn the processes of commercial creation and management, including conception, writing, voice, production, and distribution. Interns will also learn about all departments connected with creative services and how all collaborate to create successful marketing campaigns for clients. Students may participate in brainstorm meetings, loading commercials for airplay and may participate in creation of commercials.


~PROGRAMMING (Board Operator, Producer, On-Air Talent) - interns have the opportunity to see the everyday decisions that go into keeping a station on air and keeping listeners tuned in every day. Interns will shadow side by side with each station’s programming department to see various tasks including music scheduling, station imaging & content brainstorms. Assist on-air talents with board operation, taking phone requests and general administrative support.


~ PROMOTIONS/EVENTS – Student will work in the fast paced atmosphere learning what it takes to execute station and client events. Interns will spend time with members of the Promotions Department taking an in depth look at all of the moving pieces that go into producing and executing events both large and small. Student will have the opportunity to engage with all departments as they gain an understanding of event creation in all phases of the process - from conception to completion.


~ SALES/MARKETING Sales marketing interns will learn firsthand the sales process from initial client meeting to closing the deal. Throughout the semester interns will have the opportunity to participate in this process by actively assisting Account Representatives and Sales Marketing Directors in the creation and coordination of marketing and promotional activities. Students would learn phone etiquette, presentation skills, writing and production of radio commercials, computer software that applies to media sales.  Students will also learn how to and the importance of interaction between advertisers and the radio station. Students must be prepared to accompany Account Executives on sales calls and attend station sales meetings when necessary. Some light filing and typing will also be required. Intern candidates should understand the basics of Power Point, Word, Excel and Outlook as projects will be required including sales proposals for clients.


~ COMMUNITY OUTREACH/INCITE – Interns will work directly with Community Outreach department to research community-based relationships with corporate partners, government entities, non-profit organizations and foundations.  Learn and participate in the sales process in conjunction with implementing cause and social marketing campaigns.



If you are interested in applying for an internship at one of our Emmis Indianapolis radio stations, please complete the Application and Educational Endorsement and return it via email to the address listed below along with a copy of your resume and if possible one letter of recommendation.

Should you have any other questions please feel free to contact me via e-mail. Thank you again for your interest in internships with Emmis Communications.


Stephanie Abbott

Internship Coordinator


One Emmis Plaza

40 Monument Circle, Suite 400

Indianapolis, IN 46204