Colts cornerback Quincy Wilson returns an interception against the Bills in 2018.

Slimmed Down Quincy Wilson Offers Colts Desired Versatility

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INDIANAPOLIS – For a player who was taken in the second round of a draft, and has just 10 total starts through two NFL seasons, Quincy Wilson seems to be in pretty good favor with the man who drafted him.

Chris Ballard knows that patience is a must for young players, especially with a guy like Wilson.

When the Colts drafted Wilson with the 46th overall pick in 2017, he was just 20 years old.

“When you take a young player…who is coming out of college as a big-time recruit, had success, they read social media, second-round pick, expectations are high, and then it doesn’t go the way you want it to go,” Ballard says using Wilson as an example. “And now you’re reading everything on social media, everybody’s killing you, ‘Why aren’t you starting? Why aren’t you leading the league in picks? You should be First-Team All-Pro.’

“Sometimes the expectations that these kids put on themselves, and then they read that crap and listen to it…”

Heading into a critical third year, Wilson starting in the Colts base defense is still not expected.

Starters Kenny Moore and Pierre Desir are back and the Colts also drafted Rock Ya-Sin with the 34th overall pick.

But Wilson’s physical and mental development has continued.

Ballard notes that Wilson is down around 20 pounds from his rookie season. Hovering around the 192-193 pound range, Wilson has also cut his body fat in half, from 14 percent to 7, Ballard says.

Wilson turns 23 years old this August (Wilson is nearly three months younger than the rookie Ya-Sin), as he enters the third year of a four-year rookie contract.

It’s a very important season for the young corner securing his spot in a group that has other intriguing talent.

When Ballard looks back on Wilson’s 2018 season—one in which the corner started 5 times, mostly in the nickel personnel groupings—he sees the versatility. 

“The thing that is so strong about Quincy and I didn’t even understand this coming out, he’s really football smart,” Ballard says of Wilson. “Right now, he’s playing 5 different spots back there. He will go corner, dime, nickel, little bit of safety. He can play a lot of roles for us.


“He’s going to compete to play corner, but on game day, he becomes very valuable, because he can play man-to-man on tight ends. That’s why having all these longer corners help you from a matchup standpoint.”


The days Wilson predicting he is the No. 1 corner for the Colts are over.


But his role is still more than needed.


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