Le'Veon Bell Won't Be a Colt...This Season


Le'Veon Bell Won't Be a Colt...This Season

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Le'Veon Bell Won't Be a Colt...This Season

News broke on Monday night that the star running back will return to the Steelers during their Week 7 bye.

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We've seen the social media flirting. We've heard the rumors. We've fielded your questions. 

"Why don't the Colts go after Le'Veon Bell? Will Chris Ballard make a move for him?"

It looks like that definitely won't be the case.

ESPN's Jeremy Fowler reported last night that Le'Veon Bell will report to the Steelers during their Week 7 bye before they welcome the Cleveland Browns to Heinz Field. 

"Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell told ESPN he is playing football in 2018 and does not expect to be traded.

In fact, he still has hope the team will re-sign him to a long-term contract once his franchise tag is up. Bell is staying away from the team to preserve his body, but a source said Bell is expected to report during the Week 7-8 time frame. The Steelers are on a bye in Week 7."


That will definitely disappoint some fans around Indianapolis, but why would you think it was a realistic move Chris Ballard would make in the first place? 

He’s proven time and time again that making “splash” moves like this is not a part of the program being built here. Remember this past offseason?

Andrew Norwell? Nope. Sammy Watkins? Pass. Dez Bryant? Not a chance.

Add onto the fact that he’s drafted three running backs in his two drafts as GM and that Frank Reich won a Super Bowl with a multiple man backfield, and it makes it even more unlikely.

Sure, he’s a generational type talent, and the pros are definitely there. But Bell’s multiple holdouts, suspensions, and injuries make it tough to justify if he would be worth it. Kevin Bowen broke down the pros and cons of Bell to the Colts last week.

Chris Ballard going after Le’Veon Bell is like when your parents would save for vacation and refused to go out to eat. You would hope and pray they’d pull off into the McDonald’s drive thru for a treat when driving by it, but deep down you knew it wouldn’t happen.

“PLEASE! I’ll even order off the dollar menu!”

Not to mention Bell will be demanding St. Elmo type prices much less the dollar menu.

With all that being said, though, Le’Veon Bell still believes the Colts would be interested in March.

“Bell believes the Jets, 49ers, Colts, Browns and Eagles would be among teams interested in his services on the free-agent market. He'd want to go to a team that values his skill set and winning.

"I know the guaranteed money will be there [in March]," Bell said. "If a team wanted to, they could definitely do what they needed to do to make me happy and satisfied."



Now, Bell could really just be speculating like the rest of the national media is about why the Colts should be interested in him.

Money to spend? Check.

Need for a star? Check.

The “Edgerrin James” to Andrew Luck’s “Peyton Manning”? Check.

But, like stated above, if you really dive into Chris Ballard’s history so far, what he’s continued to say about building this team, and his eye for the future, it doesn’t make much sense.

Will he be the cool dad who surprises you with a nice sit down dinner at your favorite establisment? We’ll see come next March.

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