The "Wat Shot" Happened 7 Years Ago Tonight


The "Wat Shot" Happened 7 Years Ago Tonight

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The "Wat Shot" Happened 7 Years Ago Tonight

Andy Lyons | Getty Images

It's one of those "remember where you were" exactly when it happened moments. 

7 years ago tonight, The Wat Shot went down. 

If you open the door and turn south, I think you can still hear Dick Vitale screaming in shock. It was the perfect play at the perfect time. An underdog, re-building program in need of a "signature" win knocks off the Goliath rival as time expires. 

It was a real-life Hoosiers. 

I'm sure anyone reading this had friends, brothers, sisters, parents, co-workers, someone they knew at this game. Most of mine barely remember, but those who do remember a lot of tears. 

Grown men. Tears streaming down their face. 

It's too bad this loss resulted in Calipari re-thinking the whole "true home-and-away" matchups with arch rivals. We've been robbed of the annual December meeting for far too long. 

Not only is it the anniversary of the shot itself, but the birth of the Tom Crean face. 

Always hated how they messed up the score, too. Originally read "Kentucky 75 - Indiana 70". 

Anyways, seven years ago tonight, Hoosier fans. Remember it, replay it, enjoy it. 

Dickie V said it best - it was "UNBELIEVABLE".  

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