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Soccer Saturday FULL SHOW for 2/15/20

In this week’s edition of Soccer Saturday, Greg Rakestraw goes all around the horn when it comes to professional soccer.  After a quick recap of the Indy Eleven’s preseason, Greg breaks down the situation and penalty for Manchester City and what it means.  Martin Rennie then joins the show to discuss with Greg all things Indy Eleven.  Nick Moon is a new member of the Boys in Blue and he joins Greg to talk about adjusting to his new role with his new team.  Greg also has a chance to dive into the Premier League and their weather-related problems and gives us a quick look at the Champions League.  Finally, we revisit a past interview with new Eleven member, Andrew Carlton.


Other than just getting victories, if there was a theme or trend that you saw that you liked or you disliked from those three preseason matches, what you they be?

Martin Rennie explains, “I think there was in all three games, I think we dominated for the vast majority of the game and I think that we are on top for the vast majority of the game.  I think there’s definitely to improve.  I think in the first game we played, we started a little bit slow.


How has the adjustment been to a team that, again, has so many pieces back in place from a year ago?


Nick Moon tells Greg, “Everyone’s welcomed me pretty well.  I’m one of those that just puts his head down and works and even doing that everyone has been really welcoming.  So it’s been good.  The adjustments have been…they’re….they’re…I’m working on them, but everything has been going well.”


What’s your level of excitement from stepping away from home?…

Andrew Carelton’s response was, “I am overjoyed to be here. I am overjoyed to get out of Atlanta for the first time. I am excited to be here and play on an Indy team in an new environmentwith a new group of guys and I think it will be really good for me to develop as person and as a player. For the past few months, we’ve been trying to figure out the best situation and best place to be, but at the end of the day, I thought the Indy Eleven was a perfect place for me and a great way for me to grow as a player this year.”





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