Bet Indiana Show With Jason Hammer & Frank Ignatius


Sportsbook Operations Director at Bet Indiana Frank Ignatius and WIBC’s Jason Hammer preview the early projections for bets to be placed on Super Bowl 54, discuss whether Las Vegas would take a hit with legalized gambling in other states, and advise if Chiefs bettors should place their wagers now or later. Plus, Frank and Hammer teach you how to bet. Later, the guys take a look at how crazy it is that Indiana can’t pass the sale of alcohol on Sundays properly but can be super progressive on sports betting. For example, Frank shares a new novelty bet that the Indiana Gaming Commission recently approved that has shocked him and Hammer. And finally, even though it’s the week before the Super Bowl, Frank still has a few games that have his attention this weekend. Plus, Show Producer Jimmy Cook provides his first non-Chiefs Pick of the Week since December, Hammer shares his rapid fire Best Bets, and the debut of The Degenerate Special.


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