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FULL SHOW: Indy Eleven Soccer Saturday for 05/09/20

(00:00-01:44) – Greg Rakestraw is back with another edition of Indy Eleven Soccer Saturday to shed some light at the end of the tunnel as individual workouts will begin on Monday and previews each guest that will be joining the program this week.

(01:46-14:22) – Head Coach Martin Rennie of the Indy Eleven is back after a couple week’s off to elaborate on what he can start doing with the players on Monday as individual workouts are now allowed, some of the coaches and sources that he has talked to during his time away from the show to pick their brain, and how the depth of the team will benefit them during mid-week games.

(14:24-29:46) – Old friend of the show and former Indy Eleven defender in Greg Janicki represents the catching up guest on this week’s show that Greg catches up with by asking what job he is doing now,  his brief time with Detroit City, and what appealed him back in 2015 to come play for the Indy Eleven knowing it was a young program.

(29:47-44:17) – The director of Worth the Wait, Tucker Gragg, joins the show to discuss why right now was the right time to produce the documentary, how Jerry Yeagley turned down a coaching offer late in his (coaching) career to stay at IU, and what his current role is today in Indiana University’s soccer program.

(44:19-44:59) – In the final segment of today’s show, Greg wraps it up by giving you an update on the returns of various soccer leagues and a couple of important dates for the Indy Eleven that are approaching.


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