Soccer Saturday

Martin Rennie Says The Boys In Blue Just Need To Keep Moving Forward

(00:00-03:53) – Greg Rakestraw hosts another edition of Soccer Saturday following an Indy Eleven loss on Wednesday against Louisville City, previews the rest of the show, and overlooks the rest of the Indy Eleven schedule to tell you what the boys in blue need to do in order to secure a playoff spot.

(06:56-15:30) – Martin Rennie is back in his weekly time slot to share what his mindset is like following the loss to Louisville City, how the first day back on the training pitch was yesterday following the loss, still thinks that their best play of soccer is yet to come, and shares his expectations for a very important match on Wednesday against St. Louis FC.

(18:31-32:33) – Lead announcer of the USL in Mike Watts makes another appearance on the show to describe how Louisville City has been able to turn up the heat earlier this season in comparison to previous seasons, compares the upcoming Indy Eleven match-up by elaborating on how they stack up against St. Louis FC, and which team he thinks is the best team in the Western Conference.

(35:35-46:17) – The first president and general manager of the Indy Eleven in Peter Wilt stops by to inform you about the current project he is trying to work on in his hometown of Chicago and whether or not he has an idea where the new team will play, and how he is dividing his soccer watching time nowadays.

(49:18-56:53) – Greg wraps up the show in quick fashion to let you know where you can go to watch some EPL matches, looks over some of the EPL matches that come your way today, and the biggest news this week in the EPL and USL.


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